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  • Physical Education

    Early Years K-4

    During the Early Years, emphasis is placed on the acquisition of basic movement skills and their use in introductory and simple activities. Students begin to understand what movements to do, as well as why and how to do them. These skills are the building blocks for participation in all physical activity and are the prerequisites for lifelong physical activity.

    Middle Years 5-8

    During the Middle Years, emphasis is on the acquisition and application of basic movement skills and their use in modified and lead-up activities. Students continue to develop their understanding of what movements to do, as well as why and how to do them. Students are expected to participate in various physical activities scheduled on an ongoing basis throughout the year including individual/dual/team sports/games, alternative pursuits, and rhythmic/gymnastic and fitness activities. Programming will also include learning activities that are representative of different learning environments or settings (e.g.: playing fields, parks, trails, arenas, playground equipment) and representative of multicultural perspectives.

    The Middle Years Athletics Program at École Howden provides students the opportunity to:

    • Be physically active.
    • Develop athletic abilities, teamwork skills, good citizenship, sense of fair play, leadership, and sportsmanship.
    • Build relationships with peers and coaches.
    • Build confidence / Increase self-esteem.
    • Enhance school spirit.
    • Apply their French language skills.

     Our Middle Years Athletics Program provides a context for success that some students experience infrequently in other settings as well as a point of engagement for school in general.

    Programs vary from year to year and may include:

     Interscholastic (beyond the school day)

    • Cross-Country Running (Grades 4-8)
    • Volleyball (Grades 7/8)
    • Mini Volleyball (Grades 5-6)
    • Basketball (Grades 7/8)


    • Mini Basketball (Grades 5-6)
    • Badminton (Grades 7/8)
    • Track and Field (Grades 7/8)
    • Flag Football (Grades 5-6)

    Curricular (incorporated in the school day)

    • Indoor Track Meet (Grades 5-6)

     Intramurals & Clubs

    • Intramurals consist of various independent and team activities including leagues and tournaments.
    • Clubs can be held during or beyond the school day.

     École Howden fields teams in as many programs as possible. Participation in extra-curricular activities depends on student interest and availability of coaches. In past years where we have had students interested in playing but insufficient numbers to field a team, a possibility could be to have École Howden students join a team from a nearby school.

    Offsite School Activities

    The Louis Riel School Division recognizes the importance and educational value of offsite school programs and activities. Such experiences reflect the educational goals of the Division and may complement learning outcomes, curricula, and school programs.

    Offsite school programs and activities are defined as any planned educational activity that takes an individual student or a group of students off school grounds. Included in the definition are activities that are categorized as interscholastic activities, activities in the community, residential camping, wilderness experiences, educational or cultural tours, and recreational activities. These activities may be general in nature or higher risk and, as such, require appropriate procedures to ensure safety of students and preparedness.