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  • École Howden Parent Advisory Council (EHPAC)

    The purpose of the École Howden Parent Advisory Council (EHPAC) is to work closely with the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) staff, parents, students and volunteers for the betterment of École Howden. This is done through regular meetings, volunteer activities, fundraising and sponsorship of activities within the school, special events and donations. The EHPAC is not allowed to contravene the rules of the LRSD or École Howden in any manner not relevant to the well-being of all involved.

    The EHPAC is composed of the following Officers, Associate Officers and Associate Members:

    Executive Council (serve at least 1 year term)

    • President
    • Past President (if available)
    • Vice-President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary

    Associate Council to the Executive (serve at least 1 year term)

    • Fundraising Coordinator
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Fun Lunch

    Active Members (encouraged to sit on the council at all meetings)

    • Any parent with a child currently enrolled at École Howden from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

    Associate Members

    • École Howden administration and any staff who wish to sit as a liaison to the council.

    The council is composed of “Voting Members” or those who must commit themselves to the council as an Active Member. Associate Members are not allowed a vote on matters of the council. The council shall not be denied to any parent, Officer, Associate Officer or Associate Member on the basis of race, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, financial, marital status or disability.

    Council members may form committees to tackle special concerns related to the council. The council may also be a member of another provincial or national organization. However, the council cannot be controlled by any of the aforementioned and maintains its own autonomous control.

    The council shall meet monthly, unless otherwise noted, to discuss matters directly related to the school. There must be at least eight meetings per year of which the first is called the Annual General Meeting. The meetings shall be guided by an agenda and shall not promote anything outside the rules of the LRSD, École Howden or the Constitution by which the council is bound. Everyone is encouraged to sit in on the meetings. Parents and students are allowed.

    All Active Members of the council have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner which is respectful to each other, staff and students. The members will follow the rules of volunteering or guests within the school.

    Furthermore, all members will be responsible for the financial goings-on of the council but will not be held accountable for any misappropriation of funds if done so out of improper decision-making of a single individual.

    In the event where the council is approached for financial support by the staff or administration of the school, it must be done first in writing so the financial distribution can be openly discussed and voted upon. The council is under no obligation to give immediate funding if asked but can do so if a quick consensus is formed and time is an important factor for funding.

    The council is also under no obligation to spend all of its fundraising monies by the end of a school year but can carry a balance on its account into the following school year. This is called fiscal responsibility and the council shall strictly adhere to proper expenditure practices.

    In short, the council acts as a single entity but all members will not be responsible for the inappropriate behavior of a single member if that member does something to contravene the rules of the LRSD, École Howden or the council. A member will have their position dissolved on just grounds if their actions prove that such a measure be taken.

    In the event where a conflict arises within the council, between the council and École Howden or the LRSD, parents and so forth, a conflict resolution process is in place where such conflicts can be resolved. It is the responsibility of all parties involved to accept and follow the conflict resolution process toward the settlement of all matters that require such attention.

    It is the responsibility of the council to use transparency in all of its activities. The council shall use available media to promote its activities and keep others aware of what the council is doing. All members of the council are encouraged to participate in the announcement of any activities or plans as scheduled.

    The responsibility of notice must also be used to post meeting agendas, minutes, amendments and so forth in a reasonable time before or after certain events.

    In the event that there is not enough membership to continue a parent council, that council can be dissolved and reformed at the initiative of anyone willing to reorganize a new one. There shall not be two parent councils functioning at the same time.

    Amendments can be made to the Constitution insofar that the amendment process is followed. All amendments will gain working status once adopted.