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  • Student Advocate System (SAS)

    A system that is in place to ensure our students have a strong sense of belonging during their time at GCI. SAS strengthens the teacher-student relationship throughout their high school years and provides a consistent staff member who will get to know their "advokid" and advocate for them from grade nine through to graduation.

    The teacher advocate plays many roles. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Being a consistent supporter for the student for all their years at GCI. This journey is completed by presenting them their diploma at Convocation.
    • Helping students navigate their high school experience and planning for the future.
    • Meeting with their "advokids" on a 1-1 basis on "SAS Days" to register for courses, review report cards and set goals.
    • Providing families with a school liaison to be able to make inquiries at any time throughout the educational journey.