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  • Special Language Credit

    If you read, write, and speak in a language other than English or French, you can earn a maximum of four high school credits by writing the Special Language Credit Option Examinations.  The Louis Riel School Division offers these exams twice during a school year, a Fall session, and a Spring Session.  

    All applicants must complete an application form online. International students and out of division students must pay a $65.00 fee.  There is no fee for all other students enrolled in Louis Riel School Division.  Where applicable, the $65.00 examination fee must be submitted by cheque payable to the Louis Riel School Division.  To process the fees, individual schools are encouraged to collect the fees from their students and send one envelope containing all monies to the attention of Lee-Ann Chouinard, Dakota Collegiate, once applied for the examinations.  Payments will not be accepted the evening of the exam. 

    All language examinations are facilitated at Dakota Collegiate, 661 Dakota Street.

    Please apply for one language exam.

    Click here to apply for your Special Language Credit