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  • Student Services

    The cornerstones of our Student Services model are teamwork and collaboration.

    While the majority of students receive their educational programming in a conventional classroom setting, a continuum of services exists at the school and divisional levels to meet the wide range of needs presented by all students.

    The Student Services team at Samuel Burland School collectively aims to possess the skills and knowledge necessary to satisfy the needs of our students. Our services are enhanced by a Clinical Services Unit providing psychology, social work and speech and language clinicians.

    The belief of LRSD is that students require support to develop competency in the areas of social and emotional learning. Through a variety of programs students learn to develop skills in the areas of: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship development, and responsible decision making.

    Research has proved that by teaching students the above skills, they have: a greater attachment to school, a better academic success in school and life, and have less risky behaviour with more positive assets.

    At Samuel Burland we strive to work with our students to develop social and emotionally in a safe and caring way.