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  • Behaviour Code

    Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Co-operation & Appreciation

    Responsibility:I feel proud because I am an important part of what makes Burland a great school; I feel trusted to make good choices and to follow through; I feel respected because I set a positive example for others; I feel confident because I take initiative for my own work, my own learning, and for helping others.
    Respect:I feel safe because others treat me fairly and accept me for who I am, as I do them; I feel welcome because I contribute to a school environment in which good manners are used and the opinions of others are appreciated; I feel honoured to be a member of a school community that values caring for others.
    Honesty:I feel peaceful because I am trusted and believed; I feel nervous and scared sometimes when a voice inside me tells me to do the right thing; I feel satisfied when I have earned the trust of others because I tell the truth, keep my promises and stand up for what I believe.
    Co-operation:I feel valued because my ideas contribute to group decision-making in which listening without interrupting, taking turns and compromising are honoured; I feel a sense of belonging because I am a part of a school community in which helping each other and being included are important.
    Appreciation:I feel thankful for opportunities to give, to receive and to join in celebrating everyone’s achievements; I feel cared for because others recognize my accomplishments and value my work; I feel happy when I am doing good deeds because I care for others.

    Discipline at Samuel Burland School

    We have high expectations of our students. They are required to demonstrate responsibility, respect, honesty, co-operation and appreciation. As the responsible adults charged with their care during the day, it is our job to foster the growth of those qualities. Respect for each child’s worth, and faith in each child’s desire and ability to meet those expectations is our most effective means of molding positive behaviour.

    We believe in teaching children to accept control over their behaviour with the ultimate goal of developing self-discipline.

    We understand that growing up can be difficult, and that children may stumble on occasion. In situations deemed necessary, consequences may be imposed in an attempt to modify undesirable behaviour.

    Please remember that communication is important. Should your child start to form a pattern of misbehaviour, every effort is made to contact the parents or guardians as soon as possible.

    When difficult or stressful times are affecting your child it is best to notify the teachers so that they may respond to your child with understanding and sensitivity.