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  • Practical Arts

    ​Practical Arts for Grade 7 & 8 Students

    Practical Arts programming ensures that students experience a combination of Human Ecology and Industrial Arts classes. It affords students substantial hands-on training and valuable lifelong skills.

    The information below indicates the start and dismissal times for students attending Human Ecology and Industrial Arts classes at other divisional facilities. Every effort has been made to accommodate home-school programming, the hours of operation for the divisional facilities and travel time.

    Highbury School

    • 8:45 a.m. – 11:22 a.m.


    Students are expected to arrive five to 10 minutes early so classes may begin as scheduled. Students are not encouraged to arrive earlier than the specified times unless special arrangements have been made with the facility principal. Should your child be absent from their Practical Arts classes, please contact the office at Samuel Burland School as they are responsible for recording student absences.

    Students are expected to attend their Practical Arts classes at Highbury School even when classes at Samuel Burland School have been cancelled due to inservice.