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  • Student Services

    Below are the programs & services offered by the Student Services team at General Vanier School:

    • Student Services
      • All students at General Vanier are valued and respected members of our learning community. Our Student Services team supports all students, including those with exceptional learning needs. Students with exceptional learning needs are those who require specialized services or programming because of social/emotional, behaviour, sensory, physical, cognitive/intellectual communication, academic or special healthcare needs that interfere with their learning.
      • Our student services support team includes our school administration, student service teachers, classroom teacher(s) and others who have responsibility for students with exceptional learning needs such as our Clinical Services (Speech and Language, Psychology, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Aboriginal Support Teachers and Physiotherapy). The team is important in helping students to feel included and plan for their success. At times, this includes the developing and monitoring of student support plans (SSPs). 
      • Our Student Services team is involved in the planning and implementation of many programs throughout the year. The team collaborates with teachers to recognize and address individual, group and whole class needs. An important aspect of Student Services is to communicate with parents and outside agencies to ensure that appropriate programming and supports are in place so that every child is successful.

    Services provided by Student Service Teachers:

    • Individualized Programming (Early and Middle Years)
      • Students who receive individualized programming have access to an alternative setting intended for students with profound developmental and/or multiple disabilities. It offers a low student-to-teacher ratio with the support of educational assistants within a K - Grade 8 setting. Students are members of their age-appropriate classrooms and receive additional programming to work on individualized goals in these diverse settings. We foster dignity, respect and well-being for these students. 
    • Literacy/Numeracy Support 
      • Within the context of the classroom, and in small groups student service teachers work with the classroom teachers and educational assistants to support learning in order to foster individual student growth. 
    • Positive Behaviour Support
      • Student Service teachers collaborate with external agencies and classroom teachers to support student learning. "Children do well if they can" according to Dr. Stuart Ablon. "If they are not succeeding, we need to figure out what is getting in the way." The student service teachers assist with "Zones of Regulation", and create, develop and assist with the implementation of Student Support Plans.
    • Check-ins
      • Student Service teachers meet with individual students as the need arises to consult and assist with the challenges individuals may face. Staff work with families to support wrap around care.