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  • ÉSCS Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2019-23

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    Our staff works extremely hard to ensure that École Sage Creek School is the best school possible for your children.  Although we are extremely proud of the education that we are offering our students and of the exceptional accomplishments that have taken place during the last two years, we continue to work hard to improve what we are doing to ensure that we are offering the best education possible for your children.  Each year, schools select priorities that guide their efforts related to how they can best answer their students' needs.   For the 2019-20 school year, our school community has focused on four priorities that are aligned with the Louis Riel School Division's priorities.  I am pleased to share that our four priorities are as follows:

    1. Belonging - Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion 


    (All pictures taken pre-Covid)

    Emphasizes the importance of individuals having a sense of connectedness to someone or something- families, school, clubs, groups, teams, etc.. The universal longing for human bonds is cultivated by relationships of trust so the child can say, "I belong at ÉSCS".   Some ways "belonging" presents itself in the school?  Connection with school, people, groups, clubs; Inclusion; Cooperation/Sharing with others; Friendship.  Some of our specific goals related to belonging include:

    • Continue to develop students', staff's and parents' sense of belonging and "Coyote Pride" at ÉSCS
    • Continue to enhance student, staff and parent understanding of Indigenous Perspectives
    • Value and respect the similarities and differences in the programs in our dual-track school



    2. Mastery - Creating a Culture of Learning and Well-Becoming  


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    Refers to the importance of children and youth developing skills that help them produce and exercise competence, achievement and control over self. The inborn thirst for learning is cultivated; by learning to cope with the world, the child can say, "I can succeed".  Some ways "mastery" presents itself in the school?  Commitment to learning

    Setting goals, self-monitoring and reflection; Opportunities for creative thinking/innovation/problem solving; Discover and develop talents and interests; Resolving conflicts and disagreeing appropriately

    Resilience and coping with change.  Some of our specific goals related to Mastery include:

    • Focus on  literacy (reading and writing).
    • Focus on Numeracy
    • Promote innovative 21st century learning and hands-on activities


    3. Independence - Creating a Culture of Inquiry and Responsibility


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    Focuses on providing children with experiences to develop autonomy and essential life skills.  Children and youth learn to accept responsibility.  They are empowered to understand how their choices affect their destiny. The child can, "I have the power to make decisions".  Some ways "independence" presents itself in the school? Engagement and empowerment; Assertive, Confident & Self-Control; Making a decision and solving a problem; Identifying feelings, self-monitoring and reflection; Responsibility and leadership opportunities;

    Lifelong learners. Some of our specific goals related to Independence include:

    • Students will demonstrate increased awareness and practice of self-regulation
    • Promote Student Voice and Leadership
    • Students and staff will develop a greater awareness and practice of well-becoming


    4. Generosity - Creating a Culture of Caring and Collaboration 


    (All pictures taken pre-Covid.)

    Intended to provide children with opportunities to demonstrate humanity and helping others.  Character is cultivated by concern for others so that the child can say, "I have a purpose for my life." Some ways "generosity" presents itself in the school?  Kindness; Empathy and respect; Citizenship and service to others; Sense of community; Communication; Appreciation; Forgiveness and making an apology.  Some of our specific goals related to Generosity include:

    • Students and staff will continue to show care and concern for others.


    Circle of Courage Only with TITLES and MYSP (NO LRSD TITLES).jpg

    We look forward to continuing to work on these important priorities to better serve our students and community.  Some parents and community members may notice that the four priorities correspond to the four quadrants of the Circle of Courage.   At ÉSCS, some of the places where you will see the Circle of Courage include: a poster found in all of our classes, in the gymnasium, painted on the sidewalk on Sage Creek Blvd just outside of the "gym doors", etc…  For those following us on Twitter, you will notice that our teachers are often making the link from the learning or activity that they are tweeting about to the priority to which it is linked.  We invite you to click on the links below to see some samples of previous posts linked to each priority.