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  • École Provencher 2018-19 Community Report

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    The 2018-19 school year was certainly eventful at École Provencher. We have chosen to follow the model of the Circle of Courage to best remember the highlights of last year. In looking at the four quadrants, here is a look at our school year.

    A) Belonging:

    IMG_1224.JPGOur school year began with our annual Journée d'accueil, where we welcome our new students and staff. Naturally, it can be challenging for students to enter a new school where they may not know anyone. Our welcome assembly allows them to be recognized and helps to begin the school year on the right foot. 


    At École Provencher, we love our recess time and each of the 4 seasons presents new excitement for the students. Developing a sense of belonging for students can happen quite naturally during recess, as students get a chance to play with their friends. 


    Our Copains de Kelso program gives our Grade 3 student leaders a chance to help with recess mediation. 

    They also help younger students to find others to play with if they are alone. 

    IMG_3490.JPGAs Spring rolled around, many friendships had solidified and students that may have been timid in September had now felt more comfortable. 

    IMG_1752.JPGWe are very fortunate to have such dedicated Music teachers. Mme Poirier prepared our choir throughout the school year. Being part of a choir instills belonging amongst the students and allows them to collaborate and work together to be part of the greater whole. 

    Often times, taking part in a choir in elementary is the first step for students that end up excelling in music in later years. Mme Poirier and Mme Flett prepared their students for a very elaborate Grade 1-3 concert at CCFM in December. Mme Flett then prepared her Kindergarten students for a very intimate concert at Henri-Bergeron in the Spring. 

    Our students were again able to celebrate their musical talents and perform together at the LRSD's annual Folkdance in the Park at the end of May. Much to the delight of our students, Miel, our mascot, was even able to make an appearance. It was a beautiful day to dance at St. Vital Park. 

    IMG_3044.JPGDuring the school year, there were various events to promote belonging such as Pink Shirt Day, to raise awareness against bullying and intimidation. Our staff and students also teamed up to be part of the Jets playoff excitement. 

    IMG_4064.JPGIn June, our community came together to celebrate the school year with our annual PAC barbeque. Here, staff was able to visit with families and enjoy a photo booth, a magician and face painting. 

    B) Independence:

    IMG_1334.JPGIn late September, Mme Paradis organized our annual Terry Fox walk in the community. For many of our students, it was their first opportunity to venture off the school grounds and into the surrounding area, but for a very worthy cause. Mme Paradis visited each of the classes to speak to them about Terry's heroic story and what we can do to remember his legacy. 

    IMG_2541.JPGOur staff members are very mindful that our students need to take movement breaks during the school day. Therefore, once again with the financial support of our PAC, we were able to install a sensory path on each floor at École Provencher. We love that our students are able to self-regulate during the school day with sensory tools such as this. 

    IMG_2580.JPGOur students were able to work on group projects throughout the school year. For many of them, public speaking is not easy. Puppet shows such as this are opportunities for them to grow as presenters and find that inner strength. 

    IMG_3207.JPGIn April, our school had a visit from 4th year Winnipeg Goldeye Kevin McGovern. The starting pitcher read to the students and spoke to them about bravery and overcoming personal fear.  

    Our staff attended a professional development presentation in February that targeted developing growth mindset in students.  The Learning Pit by James Nottingham gave us a chance to collaborate with St. James School Division staff and discuss ways that we can help develop independence within our students.  

    C) Mastery:

    IMG_1495.JPGOur students did a variety of Art projects during the school year, which was often on display throughout the school.   

    IMG_1740.JPGThere were several opportunities for students to work together and build at recess. 

    IMG_2616.JPGThey were able to explore their scientific curiosity, as vegetable gardens were planted in a few of our Grade 2-3 classes. There were grade outings to the Zoo, Fort Whyte and the Children's Museum. 

    IMG_3410.JPGThese gave students a chance to learn outside of the classroom and to work together. 

    IMG_2439.JPGSome of our families took advantage of the after-hours events that were organized. There was a Paint Night, which was enjoyed by those in attendance.


    IMG_4072.JPGOur year-end barbeque also gave Grade 2-3 parents the chance to see their Science Humaine world culture projects that the staff and students worked so hard to prepare.

    D) Generosity:

    IMG_2513.JPGWith the support from LRSD's Indigenous Education Support Team, the staff at École Provencher worked with students throughout the year to develop their understanding of the 7 Indigenous Teachings. Our Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes received Ojibway teaching once per cycle, as we work toward reconciliation with our Indigenous community.  

    IMG_1606.JPGOur PAC has been tremendous in their efforts towards our playground enhancement and updating our recess equipment. 

    IMG_1608.JPGOur students have many, many options when they are outside thanks to the commitment of our parent council. 

    Our grass field was updated in May, to help make the area more durable for the students to play on. 
    IMG_1558.JPGAlso, the soccer posts were removed, to enable the students to move their soccer game to areas that aren't as worn down. This means they shouldn't have to cancel their recess soccer game because of a puddle issue.

    IMG_3284.JPGWe were fortunate to have concerts in our gym in 2018-19. The division choir performed, which meant that many former Provencher students were able to come back and sing in their old school. 

    IMG_1426.JPGThere was another live concert in our school last year, that gave our students the chance to hear the sounds of a small orchestra. For this concert, M. Réjean offered his acting assistance as a detective! 

    IMG_3264.JPGIn April, we welcomed hundreds of special guests at our annual Seniors' Day. Grandparents and other significant family members came to spend a couple hours with the students. They sat with them in class, and many even got to spend the recess playing with the children in the schoolyard.  

    IMG_3684.JPGTowards the end of every school year, LRSD has an evening to celebrate the contributions and retirements of long serving staff members. This evening was special for École Provencher, as our principal, Lyette Carrière offered a thank you speech to Lise Caron-Landry, our friend and colleague for her many years of hard work in our school and our division. Mme Lise and Mme Carrière have left incredible imprints at École Provencher and the hard work and generosity that they have shown to our students and staff will not be forgotten.

    Looking back at the 2018-19 school year, we see that there were many highlights. Our objectives for the school year were:
    a) building a sense of community through citizenship, empathy and developing social skills
    b) Developing student independence
    c)  Improving competencies in reading and writing
    d) Creating awareness of Aboriginal perspectives across grade levels. 

    We were mindful of these goals on a regular basis and will continue to strive for excellence in making École Provencher a place that offers our students and staff a sense of generosity, opportunity for mastery, encouraging independence and ensuring they feel belonging and welcome each day.