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  • Student Services

    We have a team of student services teachers to support classroom teachers in addressing student needs. In collaboration, these teachers assess, set goals and deliver inclusive programming for all learners. Should your child have learning issues please talk with their classroom teacher.

    LRSD Clinical Services Unit...the CSU

    The Louis Riel School Division provides clinical services to our students and families. At H. S. Paul, the CSU  and school staff work together to best help students with learning needs. Should your child have learning issues please talk with his or her classroom teacher.

    A speech and language clinician works closely with children who have speech, language or hearing problems. Assessment and therapy is provided to a small number of students. A social worker works with the school staff, the family home and the child when there is a need for closer ties between home and school. A psychologist works to assist teachers in diagnosing and planning programming for those students who present with significant learning issues.