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    The Ultimate Search Engine is @ HASTINGS LIBRARY

    Cultivate the "I" in Library:

    Library Hours

    We are open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may also visit our online library collection from any divisional computer. 

    Circulation & Loan Periods






    30 days


    14 days

    20 items

    JH Students

    30 days

     30 days

    4 items

    Grade 1 - 6 

    6-day cycle

      6-day cycle


    4 items


    6-day cycle

    1 item

    Classroom sign out occurs on even number days in the school cycle.

    Community and Volunteers

    Library Volunteers

    An invitation is extended to all interested parents and relatives. If you want experience to get back into the work force or you’re looking for something new and exciting to do, Hastings Library is the place. We offer training, flexible schedules, and opportunities to socialize since everyone comes to the library. We make a great reference for future employment.


    Drop by and sign out materials for your own reading pleasure from parenting books to adult fiction and extra story books and AV items for the kids. Watch for some suggested materials below.

    101 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special by Vicki Lansky .This is a simple hand book with ideas to build your child’s self confidence. For example, if your child arrives home first, leave a message on your answering machine saying “Hi Honey, welcome home. I left a surprise snack in the fridge.” Or remember those photo booths in the mall? Next time you pass one take a moment to capture some funny-face photos together. Building self respect has many positive ripple effects. 

    Literature and Resources

    Technology Resources

    Please select a link below to access some useful resources:

    WorldBook Online

    For free access to this amazing tool, use the login information provided below.

    User ID: rielsd
    Password: cft67 


    Library programs with the teacher librarian occur on odd number days in the school cycle.

    " A Teacher Librarian plays three critical roles in the learning community: teacher, information specialist and administrator. In each of these roles they empower students and teachers to meet higher standards." 

    -Ken Haycock

    Collaborative planning and teaching (CPT) is an instructional model whereby the teacher librarian and the teachers are collaborative partners in the planning of the instructional process, in the use of resources and in the evaluation of teaching and learning outcomes. We employ resource based inquiry approaches. With the increasing use of a wide range of learning resources, students are nurtured with the mastery of information skills and strategies.

    As a result, the partners provide students with the opportunities to attain information literacy, and the students are empowered as independent learners with lifelong learning skills.