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  • Who We Are

    Welcome to Hastings School! We are a community of diverse learners found in the St. Vital area of Winnipeg. In our school you will find a talented group of students who work together to create a truly unique learning environment.

    Our school offers a wide variety of courses to complement the needs and interests of our student body. Rich Music and Arts programming, coupled with top-notch Physical Education programming keeps our students enriched and engaged in their learning. Our ELA and Math programs follow the Manitoba Curriculum which serves as a guide as we prepare students for the 21st Century. Our strong focus on Literacy and Technology helps to offer our students as many learning experiences as possible. Our extracurricular activities include Choir, Band, Marathon Club, Track and Field, Intramural Sports and much more.

    We endeavour to involve our community as much as possible and we encourage our parents to become involved in school initiatives.

    As you enter our school you will notice the wall murals created by the students and hear the sounds of active learning within the classrooms.

    At Hastings School we strive to be the best that we can be!

    Our Mission

    At Hastings School we are the best that we can be. We respect ourselves, others and our environment. As a community we celebrate our hard work, our success, and our diversity.