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  • 21st Century Learning

    Today's students need preparation for the world beyond the K-12 environment and must be able to demonstrate the skills demanded for life in the 21st century. Educators are responsible to ensure that all students make successful transitions from high school to work, college or university. Regardless of their paths following their studies in the Louis Riel School Division, all young people will interact with technology. At Collège Béliveau, our goals to support our students with the upcoming 21st Century Learning Initiative include:

    1. Increasing students’ knowledge and understanding in all curricular areas by allowing students to use highly effective tools in the classroom;
    2. Enhancing the skills students need to live successfully in the 21st century;
    3. Optimizing the advantage of students’ ownership of—and readiness to use— personal technology devices to learn, communicate and collaborate in school;
    4. Increasing students’ desire to learn beyond the school day.


    In keeping with the LRSD 21st Century Learning Initiative, students in Grade 9 will be required to bring a student-owned device to class, beginning in September 2013. The Personal Device (BYOD) Learning Initiative booklet is a guide which provides answers to a number of frequently-asked questions as well information regarding the purchase of a laptop. Once you have gone over the document, please feel free to contact either Gilles Mousseau or Diane Lamoureux should you have any further questions or concerns.

    Download MS Office 365 For Free

    Microsoft Office 365 is now available for FREE to all Collège Béliveau students. Students are able to download this software suite on to a maximum of 5 devices. Please follow the instruction document on the right to get your free software.