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  • Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships

    Tips for Scholarship Applications

    Please review the document regarding Scholarship Application Tips so that you will be better prepared when it comes time to apply for available scholarships and bursaries.

    Important Sites

    The Manitoba High School Scholarship and Career Handbook can be found here. This is a valuable tool to assist you with questions that you may have about applying for scholarships and bursaries. Within this document, you will find tips on how to find scholarships, including those that are available to students within Manitoba, as well as those scholarships that are specific to universities outside the province.

    As well, you can access further information about scholarships at the sites on the right.

    List of Bursaries & Scholarships Available

    Further to this, the following is a list of Bursaries & Scholarships that are available to students.

    Student Services

    Please contact either Mme Suver or Mme Gratton in Student Services for further information regarding the application for specific awards, bursaries and scholarships. Our counsellors are here to assist you with any questions that you may have.