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Multiage Classes at Samuel Burland School

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Welcome to Samuel Burland School

Planning for the 2014-15 School Year
Class Configuration

The good news is that our enrolment has increased for next year, and accordingly, our staffing has been increased. This will certainly alleviate some class size issues. As we welcome over 35 children and their families from George McDowell, three new classes will be added: one in Grade 1/2, one in Grade 3/4 and one in Grade 5/6. We will be able to keep our current configurations.

Class Placement
One unknown that can cause anxiety at this time of year is class placement for September. This is a professional responsibility that the Burland staff takes very seriously, and for which we have a collaborative procedure put in place. Our goal is that each child finds a pleasant and productive classroom home for next year. Children’s individual learning and social profiles are carefully considered, and teachers, student services staff, and administration work to create well-balanced learning communities. Although we know your children very well and have their best interests at heart, we recognize that there is sometimes pertinent information that parents may want to share with us as we begin the placement process.

Parents who wish to do so are welcome to write Ms. Babaian with information about their children to assist in the process. Here are some points to remember:
• If current multiage classes are retained, it is assumed that students going into the second year in multiage classrooms will be looped, staying with the same teacher to continue their learning experience.
• If your child is not in a looping situation and you wish to offer input regarding placement of your child, you are welcome to provide information such as learning style, anxieties, social group issues, or family issues. This is to be done in writing.
• Please do not request a placement for someone else’s child (eg. “I want my child to be in a class with his six best pals…”).
• With staff changes (such as retirements, leaves, transfers) and three additional classes for next year, the class configuration and teacher assignments are not finalized. Please respect this rule: do not request a specific teacher.
• Please help your child look forward to next year with happy anticipation! This is a wonderful school, and a new grade, a new teacher and a new group of peers is something to welcome, not fear!

We appreciate parent input, we record it and take it into consideration. However, because there are so many aspects that have an impact on a learning environment, we make no promises. Ultimately, it is our professional duty to consider a myriad of factors as we create classes for 2013-14. The deadline for parents to submit input by note or e-mail to Ms. Babaian(arpena.babaian@lrsd.net) is May 16.

Requests for changes after the fact cannot be considered.



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