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  • Who We Are

     A flavor of who we are...
    Windsor School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school in which children learn to be caring, thoughtful and resourceful people who act with integrity. We believe in the respectful partnership between school and community. By strengthening community relationships, we encourage the best of the human spirit.

    Our community is clear. We must continue to do the basics well, but these basics must be enriched through the arts, sports, recreation and other interesting opportunities for learning. Many visitors are struck by the artwork displayed in our school. The curriculum is expressed on the walls, in display cabinets, and at times, on our floors. Our students are engaged in all kinds of learning through music and theatre, sports and recreation, and visits from winged, four and two-legged guests. School excursions, work in the community and second language learning provide our students with endless learning opportunities. This is the kind of school we are and will continue to be.

    Our Motto

    Healthy bodies, healthy minds for all seasons.

    We Value...

    Parent and community involvement, education in the arts and the development of year-round healthy lifestyles.

    Just the Facts

    Grades:  K–8

    Number of Students:  154*

    * Data collected in November 2020

    Principal:Christine Stephenson
    Secretaries:Harleen Kaur - Admin. Secretary
    Chelsea March - Office Clerk
    Teaching Staff:Kelly Bale – Kindergarten
    Kiara Levenick-1/2
    Shelly McKay – Gr. 2/3
    Sara Christle-Rissin – Gr. 4/5
    Colleen Neil - Gr. 5/6
    Chris Arnold - Gr. 7/8
    Kate Thoroski – Gr. 7/8 
    Gio Lagadi - Student Services
    Danelle Bradshaw- Student Services
    Jen Braun - K-6 Music/ 7-8 Arts
    Christa Conrad – Phys. Ed 
    Leslie MacCorby- Music

    Educational Assistants:Jan Mulder
    Andrea Shore
    Tara Chopp
    Sarah Mitchell
    Laura Paul
    Elvis Spence
    Library Assistant:
    Library Teacher
    Amy-Leigh Gray
    Daniel Grafton
    Custodial Staff:Sergio B - Head Custodian
    Kathleen Steib - Night Custodian
    Chase Shemeluk- Night Custodian