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  • Library Services

    Library Use

    • The Library is used every day from 9 – 10 a.m. as a literacy centre, and is unavailable for other classes. Book exchange times will be scheduled during the first week of school and sent to all homeroom teachers.

    • The library may be booked for use by students and teachers in either single periods or in blocks of time. Please consult with the assistant librarian to avoid double-bookings.

    • The library is available for class or student use, for reading or for research activities. Teachers are asked to accompany students to the library or make prior arrangements with the assistant librarian for students who are sent to the library outside of scheduled times. At no time are students to use the Library or IT Lab without adult supervision.


    • Students may sign out books and magazines--two items for a one-week loan. With teacher permission, students may sign out two additional items for research projects. Reserves may be made on specific items at the circulation desk.

    • Students are expected to return items in the condition that they were borrowed. Students are responsible for the replacement costs of lost or damaged items. Students with books more than two weeks overdue will have a note sent home to their parents, and will lose their library privileges until the overdue items are returned.