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  • Windsor School Plan 19-20


    In October we posted our report to the community. As part of this report it laid out our priorities for 2019-20. Windsor School works extremely hard to ensure we are always improving and doing what is best for our students and our community. Windsor has established 4 key goals for this year that connect to the Louis Riel School Division Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

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    Goal 1 centers around Belonging, Inclusion, and Connection. Our goal is for staff and students to develop a school wide sense of belonging, inclusion, and connection within the school by focusing on strength-based learning and develop social and emotional strategies for positive and healthy learning. Students and staff will work at extending this to the local and global communities.

    We hope to reach some of ideals by:

    • creating a sense of school pride by offering school wear
    • regular, school-wide assemblies
    • school-wide Identity Day allowing kids to display their strengths and passions
    • donation drives


    Goal 2 focusses on Effective Practices. Our goal is for staff to use effective research-based practices to inform instructions and communicate learning infusing curriculum with sustainability, Indigenous perspectives, citizenship, and leadership opportunities

    This can be done through:

    • Staff will make data driven decisions with a focus on Belonging, Literacy, and Numeracy
    • Book studies with staff
    • Offering Ojibway Language instruction to students
    • The use of Universal Design to help reach all learners and all learning stylesbuddies.jpg

    The priority of Goal 3 is Effective Language. Effective Language amongst staff will ensure we are supporting students to the best of their ability.

    Staff will work to develop this goal with the use of:

    • OneNote Collaboration
    • The Class Profile Process
    • Working through the Collaborative Learning Cycle to help understand struggling students

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    Goal 4 refers to Self-Regulation. Staff have been working on understanding mental wellness. Once mental wellness strategies are learned, then staff will continue to work on self-regulation, proactive behviours, build relationships, and work with students to become independent and good citizens.

    Some strategies that will be used to reach Goal 4 include:

    • Partnering with Winnipeg Harvest
    • Using the Zones of Regulation Curriculum and partnering with the LRSD Learning Team
    • Working through Project 11
    • Offering small group and individual support for struggling learners
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    Windsor Staff continues to strive to do what is best for our school, our learners, and our community. We have set these clear priorities to help us stay on track and continue down a path of success for everyone. 2019-20 promises to be an exciting year full of learning for both the staff and students. We are proud of our school and proud of our ongoing commitment to learning.
    Check back to read more news stories and follow us on Twitter to find out how we are meeting our goals and to see all of the exciting things happening at our school.