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  • School Handbook

    We would like to welcome you and your family to General Vanier School and to the Louis Riel School Division where the needs of all children are addressed by a dedicated and caring staff. We are committed to the academic and personal excellence of each student within a safe and respectful community.

    Questions arise at the start of every new school year. We hope that the information in our 2022-23 School Handbook will be helpful in answering some of the questions that families may have about the school, its routines, policies and events.

    First and foremost, we believe that cooperation and effective communication between home and school is essential to a student’s success. We encourage parents to call the school at (204) 255-1400 anytime that information is needed, or a point needs to be clarified.

    We wish you all the best in your years at General Vanier School! It is our hope that you find the time you spend here stimulating, challenging, memorable and enjoyable.


    Mr. Mike Heilmann, Principal 
    Mrs. Connie Stanley, Vice Principal