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  • Dr. D.W. Penner School Plan 2019-2020

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    The Dr. D.W. Penner Pandas are a diverse community of learners who demonstrate a gentle strength and strive to make a sense of belonging a priority through respect, kindness, and fun.

    At Dr. D.W. Penner School, we look for ways that our work can impact the learning of our students to the greatest degree.  With the introduction of the Louis Riel School Division Multi Year Strategic Plan, we continue to work to align our school goals with the greater vision and priorities of the division.  We believe that this integrated approach to planning will provide consistent and strategic goals that will lead to greater success for all our learners during the entirety of their educational journey.

    Aligned with the Louis Riel School Division, our School Plan uses the principles of the Circle of Courage as a reference and guide derived from the work of Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Steve Van Bockern and Larry Brendtro's book, "Reclaiming Youth at Risk". At Dr. D.W. Penner School, we have also begun to explore and use essential components from the continued work of Steve Van Bockern's book, "Schools that Matter: Teaching the Mind, Reaching the Heart," which was published locally through the University of Winnipeg.  The Circle of Courage's four quadrants; Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity represent vital workings of a balanced, healthy and well-rounded education. 

    Although the following represents our hopes for areas of growth this year, this is not meant as a complete list of all that we do.  It should also be made clear that our path is one that is shared with our students, staff and community.

     pdf.pngSchool Plan 2019-20 Final.pdf