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  • Who We Are

    Lavallee School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school where students, staff, parents and community work together to:

    • achieve the highest academic standards
    • find success with each educational challenge
    • develop and achieve mutual goals
    • demonstrate awareness and understanding of cultural strengths
    • promote pride and respect
    • ensure teaching styles reflect diverse needs and abilities
    • take ownership and responsibility for lifelong learning
    • create a centre of opportunity for personal growth

    Lavallee Leopards are a diverse community of learners who are strong, respectful, and kind. Leopards are an inclusive team that work hard to support one another. 

    It is normal and natural for children to learn at different rates with varying depths of understanding. At Lavallee, we believe in a team approach to provide the best possible program for each student. The team includes teachers, administrators and other support personnel, parents/guardians and the student. Education is not something that can be “done to” a child by the school. It can only be successful if both the school and the home support each other in developing attitudes, beliefs, interests and study skills that will enable him or her to actively engage in learning.

    At Lavallee, all persons—staff and students alike—are expected to be treated with dignity and respect and to treat others in the same manner. Everyone will follow the school Code of Conduct and work hard to be the kind of person he or she wants to be. 

    We are all unique spots on the same leopard. 


    Lavallee By The Numbers

    Grades: K–8

    Number of Students: 169*

    * Data collected in September, 2023