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  • Planning for University and College

    Information about many post-secondary institutions can be found at Manitoba Education and Literacy Post-Secondary Education including a list of some common schools attended by our graduates. To attend a post-secondary institution, a student must possess a high school diploma. The prerequisite high school courses needed for each institution vary and should be considered prior to graduation. Prerequisites can be found by accessing MyBlueprint, a tool accessible by all students in Louis Riel School Division. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they take the necessary prerequisite high school courses to enter the program of their choice after graduation. Students may consult with student services teachers on where to access the information they need and how to plan their transition through graduation.

    General entrance requirements for university begin with:

    • Five grade 12 courses
    • Two of the five courses have to be Math and English
    • Four different subject areas represented at minimum
    • Three of the five courses must be "S level"
    • Note: Grade 12 Physical Education is a foundation level course; it cannot be used for university entrance.