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Universal Full-Day K: More Time to Discover, Learn, Grow, and Play

Welcome to Full-Day K More time to discover, learn, grow and play

Excitement is buzzing in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD). At the March 12 Special Board Meeting, the LRSD Board of Trustees adopted a budget that achieves Strategic Action 4.3 in the Multi-Year Strategic Plan by implementing Universal Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK). This initiative marks a significant investment in building a healthy foundation for school and life experiences for all children in LRSD.  

A universal system is the underpinning of our public schools. This investment now ensures that all 5-year-olds in LRSD have 100 per cent more time to discover, learn, grow, and play in a FDK classroom.  

Our local experiences in nine schools, as well as national and international studies, show that FDK leads to: 

  • More time for instruction and practice. 
  • Greater progress in early literacy concepts by the end of Kindergarten. 
  • Higher scores on reading, writing, and numeracy through Grade 2. 
  • Better attendance through Grade 3. 
  • More time for one-on-one interactions with the teacher. 
  • More active participation.  
  • More confident at problem-solving.
  • Greater metacognition skills (students reflecting on their thinking and learning). 
  • More opportunities for experimenting with language. 

There are also added social-emotional benefits, including: 

  • Better self-regulation.  
  • Greater independence. 
  • Stronger relationships. 

Families and communities will also see benefits in: 

  • Greater parent/caregiver involvement and satisfaction. 
  • Lower childcare costs. 
  • Fewer transportation challenges. 
  • Greater confidence in their child's early years learning journey. 

As we embark on this journey, we are committed to providing more information and support to ensure the success of FDK in our communities. Stay tuned for updates on how we're shaping the future of education in LRSD.