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  • Report-to-the-Community 2019

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    Archwood School

    Report to the Community


    Over the past few years Archwood School has focused their professional learning on cultural competency and the importance of knowing someone's story.   In order to plan our journey forward it is important for us to know: where we have gone, where we are going and how we are going to get there.

    At Archwood School, we celebrate our very diverse community and are proud of our global village.  As a staff we have colleEnsouling Pic.jpgctively focused on the Circle of Courage and ensuring students have a place to learn about and experience belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. We are continuing to focus our collective learning and work on reconciliation using the book "Ensouling Our Schools" as a resource. 

    As a staff we completed the mental health indicators survey from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).  The data from this survey was collated by the WRHA and Archwood School was provided with potential goals to work towards as a school community.  This feedback helped us adapt our school committees to align with two of the WRHA's mental health pillars.  All staff are members of either the "Healthy School Practices" or "Teaching and Learning" committee. The work of these committees will be driven by the school planning team. 

    As we continue to work and learn collaboratively, the Archwood School plan connects beautifully with Louis Riel School Division's Multi Year Strategic Plan (MYSP). The work the Teaching and Learning Committee will focus on connects with mastery and independence.  The  Healthy School Practices Committee will connect with belonging and generosity. We will continue to use the Circle of Courage as our lens and connect our learning with the division's MYSP. This year, our professional development, collaborative work and planning will focus on: project-based learning, assistive technology, universal design, mental health education, social media awareness and enhancing our school culture and climate.

    Please have a look at our school plan below. We are very excited about another year of great learning for the students and staff of Archwood School!



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    pdf.pngSchool Plan Graphic 19-20.pdf