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  • School Plans and Reports

    Our Living Report to the Community

    Engaged and informed members of the community are always interested to learn about ongoing initiatives in our school. The school is dedicated to providing the most current information about our work to improve student learning, realize our divisional priorities and to enhance our school community.

    This year, we are going to be reporting a little bit differently. We want reporting to the community to be an ongoing process that happens all year, rather than a report that comes out once a year. Our new website will allow all schools and the division to create a Living Report to the Community that can be accessed at any time.

    Visit these links: Academic Achievement, Citizenship, and Student Engagement to access the different areas of our report that might interest you. Each of the areas offer stories that support the work we're doing in our school and in LRSD to further academic success, engage our students and develop caring, active citizens.