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Royals Continue to Excel and Inspire

September 4, 2020

​During the unique conditions brought on by the current pandemic, it's important to remember that, in spite of many challenges, Windsor Park Collegiate's Royals continue to excel at school and in the community, providing support and inspiration for their fellow students and future graduates of Windsor Park Collegiate.  Here's a list of scholarship and award winners who graduated from WPC in June of 2020.  


Established in 1985 in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary Reunion and through donations of former students, the Windsor Park Collegiate Alumni Scholarship is awarded to a student who is outstanding in all respects and will be attending an accredited post-secondary institution.   The 2020 recipient of this scholarship is Deborah Ewumi.  

Awarded to to a student who achieves academic success and is committed to pursuing post-secondary education in an academic or vocational field, the Riel-Evate Scholarship recipient is Jazmin Foster. 


Awarded to a student who achieves a high academic standing in the Sciences, is pursuing post-secondary education in the field of Life Sciences, and demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the community, the Emergent BioSolutions Award winner is Holly McIntyre.  

Awarded to a student who will be attending Red River College who has achieved high academic, civic, and vocational standards, the 2020 recipient of the Partners in Education Red River College Scholarship is Vanessa Marion.  


Zeinah Dela Cruz is the winner of two scholarships:  the Cambrian Credit Union Learning for Life Award, recognizing outstanding leadership in school and community, and the Councillor Matt Allard Citizenship Award presented to a student pursuing urban studies, urban planning, engineering, architecture or a related field.  

Jovana Cvijic is the recipient of two scholarships:  the Louis Riel Teacher's Association Scholarship, awarded to a student with excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, and who expresses a love for learning;  and the Notre Dame Recreational Centre Award presented to a student who demonstrates a committment to the community.  


Awarded to a student who consistently puts the interest of others ahead of their own, leads by example, and is generous with their time and talent, the MLA Audrey Gordon Leadership Through Service Award symbolizes respect, teamwork, and volunteerism.  The 2020 recipient of this award is Chioma Nlewedim.  

Awarded to a student who demonstrates a commitment to school by volunteering their time to promote school spirit and activities, the Lifetouch Student Scholarship 2020 winner is Arianne Gaibrielline Cabrera.  


Awarded to a student who has made great achievements in academics, contributed to school life, and displays a positive attitude and outlook, the Wheatfield Insurance Bursary recipient is Samantha Glesby.  

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a high academic standard, is active in the school community, has strong work habits, shows leaderships skills, and has a mature, responsible attitude toward learning, the 2020 winner of the Windsor Park Collegiate Parent Association Award is Southerly Vernon.  


Bolu Akinola is the recipient of two awards:  the Lionelles Scholarship,  which recognizes a well-rounded student with a high academic standing, and the Prendergast School Scholarship, presented to a student who demonstrates outstanding qualities of service and leadership with a clear sense of purpose.  

​Awarded to a student who dedicates their time to school and community while maintaining a high academic standard, the St. Vital St. Boniface Norwood Retired Teachers and Support Staff Association (Riel Chapter) Bursary winner is Haley Marino.  


Roleen Alarab is the recipient of two awards:  the MLA Audrey Gordon Overcomer Award for prevailing in the face of difficulty and inspiring others with courage, resolve, and perseverance while volunteering in the community and positively influencing others; and the Dan Vandal Youth Initiative Award, presented to a student who makes a positive difference in school and community, and who demonstrates leadership in engagement, mentorship, and environmental stewardship.  

Presented to a student who helps others and makes a difference in people's lives through being involved in community activities, the Winakwa Community Leadership Award 2020 winner is Braden Moroz.  


​Awarded to a student who has demonstrated exemplary character and has overcome adversity to successfully complete their high school diploma, the 2020 recipient of the LRSD Educational Assistants CUPE 3473 Award is Aaron Cadag.  

​Lovely Cunanan is the recipient of two awards in 2020:  the Thorington Legacy Scholarship presented to a student who promotes inclusion and demonstrates positive citizenship; and the Chown Centennial Scholarship, provided in memory of Charles Gray Chown, presented to a student with outstanding academic achievement and the intention of continuing their education at the University of Manitoba.  


The Governor General's Academic Medal was established in 1873 and recognizes the student with the highest academic average over their final two years of high school.  It is presented on behalf of Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada.  WPC's 2020 recipient is Anthony Persaud, who, as the winner of the Governor General's Medal, also receives the Louis Riel School Division Legacy Scholarship.  

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Congratulations Jeff! We are proud to celebrate your accomplishments as a Royal Alumni! #wearthecrown

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Two days of playing Halloween Kahoot, and students engaged in great discussions, this is how we roll! #wearthecrown #useyourvoice

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Thanks for the mention, we are so proud of our Alumni & support our current athletes as we can! #wearthecrown

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