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GV Best Buddies and Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre team up

IMG_1649.JPGWhat a great start to the huge commitment of creating 400 seasonal crafting cards for the upcoming Annual Seniors dinner on November 30th at ATC (Arts and Technology Centre). Students from General Vanier along with the newly formed Best Buddies program at GV have begun to assemble the cards working collaboratively together to contribute as active community members. There was seasonal music being played while students began to start constructing the cards. On the evening of the seniors dinner students Best Buddies will be at ATC handing out the crafty seasonal cards. Stay tuned to see if the goal of 400 seasonal crafting cards is reached! Awesome start GV students and Best Buddies participants!​


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RT @Sundell_5_6: “Every child is one caring adult away from being a success story.” - Josh Shipp 🍎 🍏 Thank-you to our EA, Mrs. Bridges, for…

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RT @ThaddeusBTeach: Another huge success for the Stingray Cafe. Over 70 Ss @vanierLRSD enjoyed a chili & bannock meal at lunch today. A big…

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RT @ThaddeusBTeach: The special projects grant from @multiagemb allowed @vanierLRSD to buy equipment like this food processor for our Sting…

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