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Registration process and documents for Grade 1-6 students for 2021-22

March 1, 2021

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In addition to welcoming our incoming Kindergarten students, we realize that as families move into Sage Creek, there are also students in older grades who will need to register for Grades 1-6.   Please note that only students living in Sage Creek, may attend École Sage Creek School.   

Important information to review before registering your child

To give you a better idea of what École Sage Creek School is all about, we strongly encourage you to review the following file by clicking on the link:

Registration process and documents that you must submit when registering your child

Registration starts on March 1st, with March being the official "registration month".  That being said, we encourage all parents to submit their registration as soon as possible to help us with our planning.  When you register, you must ensure that you are submitting the four following items:

  • Student Registration Form 2021-2022:  Please fill out all sections.  Please note that to help ensure that you understand the "Public Relations Release" section (at the bottom of Page 3), we strongly encourage you to read the following file: "4-Letter explaining options for Public Relations Media Release 21-22.pdf" .
  • K-8 Acceptable Use Agreement – Internet and Systems with Pledge:  Parents can fill it out for their children.
  • Proof of residency:  We ask you to provide a scan or photo or proof of address that includes your name and current address using one of the following: utility bill, apartment lease, or home purchase offer or bank statement,
  • Proof of student's age: We ask you to provide proof of your child's birthdate by providing a scan or photo of ONE of the following:  Birth certificate or the Manitoba Health card or Passport.


Two ways to register your child

There are 2 ways to register your child.  Please note that you must submit all four documents (described above), regardless of the method you use to register your child.

1. In person at the school:  

Parents are not currently allowed to enter the school however we invite you to come to the main front doors with all four documents (as described above) and we will accept your registration package.  When you arrive at the main front doors, call the secretaries (the phone number is on the front door) and a secretary will come outside to meet you and accept the four documents. To assist, we are providing you with the three following documents:

2. On line

Click on this link to access the LRSD "School Registration" webpage.  Scroll down to the "Grade 1-12 Registration" section, where you will select one of the 3 choices "Canadian", "Newcomer", or "International" (if you are not sure which option is appropriate, please call the school at (204) 253-8199 and we can help you).  After clicking on the appropriate choice, this will open a new page.   On the new page, you will be able to download and fill out the electronic versions of the two following documents.  

  • Student Registration 2021-2022 (located in the "Registration Form – All New Students" section).  Please ensure that you select the correct registration form as there are two available.  Please note that to help ensure that you understand the "Public Relations Release" section (at the bottom of Page 3), we strongly encourage you to read the following file: "4-Letter explaining options for Public Relations Media Release 21-22.pdf".
  • K-8 Acceptable Use Agreement – Internet and Systems with Pledge (located lower in the "Other Required Forms" section).  Parents can fill it out for Kindergarten students; they do not have to sign.

Please fill out the two forms and save them to your computer as you will attach them to your submission later.  In addition to the 2 forms, you must also submit a photo or scan of:

  • Proof of residency (or proof of address) that includes your name and current address (choose one):  utility bill, apartment lease,  home purchase offer, bank statement.
  • Proof of student's age (birth certificate or the Manitoba Health card or Passport)

Lower on the same page, in the "Submit Completed Forms and Supporting Documents" section, you fill out the requested information in the various boxes and ensure that you attach all four files.  You can then click on the "submit registration button".

We lo
ok forward to working with you, and your child!  If you have any questions, please email us at or at or call us at the school at (204) 253-8199.

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Congratulations to @neil_crockford, one of #SageCreekLRSD’s Physical Education teachers who was recognized for his leadership, ability to inspire and his innovation. Félicitations M. Crockford!

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