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Poets at ÉSCS

May 5, 2021

Recently, students in the Grade 5/6 Immersion were developing their poetry skills and wrote poetry. Some students chose to submit to the Pandora Poetry Contest, an annual province-wide contest put on by the Manitoba Association of Teachers of English.  Participating in this was a great experience for many, who leapt out of their comfort zone. A wonderful bonus was that, this year, two of our ÉSCS students placed in the top three.  Congratulations to all participants with a special congratulations to Gracie Baun who won second prize and to Anya Naherniak who won third prize.   Félicitations à Gracie et Anya! 


Ode to my teacher

By: Gracie Baun

I was always that quiet one,
Hidden behind that friend,
Cause I never truly trusted,

You stride in the room,
Maroon ponytail,
amber spectacles,
Gazing over us.
Butterflies scurry in my stomach,
What if you notice,
I can't multiply.
I can't divide.
I don't get fractions.

I spread the blue ink
on the glossy white board,
you walk closer,
studying my work,
You look at me,
worries tumble through me
like an avalanche,
my stomach,
grabbing my insides

But the unexpected,
four little words,
change my world …
my heart racing,
my eyes start to fill up with mist,
but I won't let it,
but deep down I know,
maybe I can do it.
.     .     .

Soon I'm
leaving this sanctuary,
Where I can
Laugh and
Be me.

I will miss
The twinkle in your eyes,
When ever you teach math.
The sincere smile,
When we do,
What is supposed to be…
but to me are,

Your chuckle,
that fills the room with joy.
I'll miss you, 



Lost in thought

Anya Naherniak

I stare at the mesmerizing clock,

each tick making me more impatient.

An image pops into my head,
like a notification on your iPhone.

Following a podcast quickly developing in my mind.
Each word excavating deeper and deeper.

My eyes have a pattern of flickering every single minute in a slow and steady motion
calming my body.

I wasn't sleeping, nor was I awake.

I was unconscious in the most conscious way possible,
something not everyone can do.

It's not shifting realities, I'm still in the same place, the only difference is my mind is elsewhere.
It gets me through situations I'd rather skip.

Creating a very useful ability I am grateful to have.

Not everybody can dream during the day like I can,
it's paved deep into my skull.

I snap out of it. Then tilt my head focusing forwards, numbers bouncing off the board taunting me knowing I won't be able to catch up like everyone else.

Sure, dreaming was entertaining, but it still takes away my focus on everyday life.
It was an escape.

It makes time evaporate much faster.

Tapping my foot, I listen to another podcast,

waiting for the day to be over.


ico twitter

RT @amandagjonker: We're published authors! 🎉 Today we had our book launch party to celebrate all our hard work and show off our book to our families. 🍎 Teachers, I highly recommend getting a FREE book published with @studentreasures Go now to get your kit for next year!

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RT @AnnickRauch: After seeing a homeless man on one of our community walks, the students were compelled to help! Thanks to one student’s leadership, we were able to collect 6 baskets full of donations for @SiloamMission! Bravo les amis! Never too young to lead ❤️ #SageCreekLRSD #ESCSgenerosity

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RT @AnnickRauch: We had the best morning reading Alpert by @apron_education! What a silly and very funny character! We loved creating different settings for him and showing him around! #tlap #leadlap #SageCreekLRSD

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