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Meaning of Home Writing Contest

June 3, 2022

Congratulations Grade 4 students in Mme Boudreau and Mme Mangin's classes! Together, with students across Manitoba who participated in the Meaning of Home writing contest, we helped raise $26,628! We are very proud of your writing pieces and were moved by how you described the meaning of home. This money goes toward building homes for people in need. Pictured here is a letter and a certificate to the Grade 4 students and some samples from some of thier author's compositions. Bravo!


Below are some quotes from some of our students:

  • "The feeling of home provides safety, comfort, shelter and even more. When I get scared, I like to be with my parents because they comfort me. One of the feelings of home is the love of the lost members of my family. That's why everyone needs the feeling of home."  
  • "Lots of people question what does home mean? Well, some people ponder, it just means it must be glamorous or over done, but that's not true. When you come into a home, you walk in and have feelings like belonging, inviting, and more. My house I where I have those feelings. I call it Home. Home is something that belongs to you. You feel loved, special, like you belong." 
  • "When I lay in my bed, I know that I'm shielded from the cold and all the dangers in the world. When I lay safely in my bed, I think of all the wonders just outside my window. A home allows me to dream." 
  • "A home isn't just a place of shelter and safety, it is also a place of memories…" 
  • "For me, home is a safe space where I am not judged for my feelings. At home I can be myself freely without having to worry about what people think of me." 
  • "In my house the pictures hanging above my piano always bring back so many delightful family memories and that makes it home to me." 


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RT @amandagjonker: We're published authors! 🎉 Today we had our book launch party to celebrate all our hard work and show off our book to our families. 🍎 Teachers, I highly recommend getting a FREE book published with @studentreasures Go now to get your kit for next year!

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RT @AnnickRauch: After seeing a homeless man on one of our community walks, the students were compelled to help! Thanks to one student’s leadership, we were able to collect 6 baskets full of donations for @SiloamMission! Bravo les amis! Never too young to lead ❤️ #SageCreekLRSD #ESCSgenerosity

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RT @AnnickRauch: We had the best morning reading Alpert by @apron_education! What a silly and very funny character! We loved creating different settings for him and showing him around! #tlap #leadlap #SageCreekLRSD

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