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Library Services

For more information regarding École Sage Creek School's library, please visit the École Sage Creek School's Library Learning Common's Twitter page by clicking here.

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RT @SageCreekPAC: Our 1st Fro-Yo Friday in more than 2 yrs was such a success! The kids were so excited 🤩 Thank you to the volunteers who make these happen If you missed the first one don’t worry there’s 3 more this year. Log into your Munchalunch account & click “Order Lunch!” #SageCreekLRSD

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RT @Didyk102: This week we dove head first into our fairy tale inquiry with reader theatre plays and two pieces of art! The Super Kids made an art piece inspired by the book Little Red and a fairy tale castle. #SageCreekLRSD

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RT @amandagjonker: Our class is working so hard to complete our All About Animals book. We're so excited to get our free classroom book from @studentreasures ! 📚 We've got a really cool book launch celebration coming up. Stay tuned! 👀 #SageCreekLRSD

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