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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at ÉSCS

September 4, 2017

Our staff is looking forward to meeting our students and their parents as we begin this amazing adventure together.  As you may know, so many members of our unbelievable staff have been in the school for the last four weeks of their holiday, as they prepare their classrooms for next week.  I must share that I am so grateful to be working with this dedicated staff and know that your children will be in very capable hands.  We look forward to a wonderful school year, creating meaningful relationships with you and more importantly your children, with the goal of engaging them in their education to ensure deeper learning.  We are so excited to be a part of this unbelievable experience. 

I'd like to thank our custodians, as well as other custodial staff from the division, who came in on Saturday and Sunday for a final clean-up of our amazing building.  They did a great job as you may be able to see in the pictures below:

 Main Floor towards 2nd floor.jpg

Main Floor towards windows.jpg

2nd floor LC.jpg

1st floor wing.jpg

 2nd floor wing.jpg


Below are a few updates for the first week of school:

Opening Day Conferences:  are taking place on Tuesday, September 5th and Wednesday, Sept 6th for students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 (with a third day of conferences on Thursday, September 7th for some Kindergarten students).

  • These conferences are the best way to start off the year on the right foot with the student, parents and teacher discussing the upcoming year.
  • In addition to discussing the year, teachers will also inform you and your child, which door they should use to enter the school starting on the first day.
  • We strongly encourage you to walk or take you bikes for the opening day conferences as parking is only available on surrounding streets and will be limited. 
  • We invite you to enter the school through the front main doors. 
  • We strongly encourage you to arrive early to tour the school with your children (or if you prefer, you can tour the school after your conferences).  We hope you will take the time to visit our unbelievable school:  In addition to seeing your child's classroom we hope that you will explore other wings (neighborhoods), our music room, band room, Guitar room/Science room, Gymnasium, Art room, Human Ecology room, Makerspace (Industrial Arts), 2nd floor learning commons (library), Main floor learning commons (main lobby and learning area), etc…  These areas are all unbelievable!
  • If you need assistance in locating your child's class, please see one of our student Ambassadors (dressed in bright "green/yellow" t-shirts) who would be pleased to help direct you.  Thank you so much for these students who accepted to help us out!
  • If you have not yet registered for your opening day conferences, please see the attached PDF File for information on how to register (you will need to know your child's teacher's name).  Please call the school at (204) 253-8199 if you need assistance. 
  • Please also note that parents are asked to bring the bottom portion of the "Student Fees" form (see attached for the 3 different forms depending on your child's grade) as well as your payment.  You will note that there will be tables in each of our school's wings (neighborhoods) where our Educational Assistance will be collecting the forms and payment. 

First day of school:
  • Grade 1-8:  The first day of school for Grade 1-8 students is Thursday, September 7th.
  • Kindergarten: Kindergarten students' first day is either Friday September 8th or Monday September 11th (depending on your staggered entry dates).  Please see the letter that you received in June indicating your staggered entry dates.  If you have misplaced your letter and don't know if your Kindergarten student is starting on Friday or Monday, please call the office at (204) 253-8199. 
  • Once again, if you are dropping off your child, because parking will be at a premium, we strongly encourage you to walk to the school instead of driving (if possible) as parking will be at a premium.  We hope that our students will get into the habit of walking or biking to school whenever possible. Not only will this ease traffic congestion near our school and better ensure student safety, but the physical activity associated with walking or biking helps your child stay healthy and makes them more alert and better ready to learn when they get to school.  There is a proven link between being active and better performance at school. 

Important Dates:  For more important dates, please click on the link (in the "Resources" section near the top right of this page) to open up a PDF of our upcoming important dates.

We look forward to meeting and working with our students and parents as we embark on this wonderful educational adventure together.  This is the start of something amazing!
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RT @AnnickRauch: New post shining a bright light on one of my incredible students with the biggest, kindest heart! Read about how she led a drive for the homeless. 💙 Never Too Young to Lead 💙 #SageCreekLRSD #ESCSgenerosity #tlap #leadlap #Passionforkindness #buildhopeEDU

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RT @JennaLFarrell: The 3/4 team put together a fun outdoor morning for the students. It included the Gaga pit, pickle ball and many other great activities! #SageCreekLRSD

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