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Take Me Outside Day - Oct 21, 2020

October 21, 2020

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October 21st, 2020 is the 10th anniversary of Take Me Outside day!  Several classes at École Sage Creek School went outside to learn in the freshly fallen snow.  Some classes went out for a few activities, while other classes spent the ENTIRE day outside! Students participated in:

  • Art activities such as snow painting and perspective drawing
  • Math activities like as walking estimations
  • Science exploration by making different kinds of bird feeders
  • Health learning when planning, evaluating and problem-solving clothing options in the wet weather
  • Literacy work like nature journaling, read to self and "read alouds"
  • Picnics at lunch and snack
  • Plus Phys. Ed and Music of course!

Canada is a nation known for outdoor pursuits and having one of the best backyards in the world, but the reality is we are spending less and less time outside, including younger generations. That's concerning on so many levels, not least because it's taking a toll on our health and well-being.

Take Me Outside Day is a reminder to do just that. It's an invitation to schools to extend the classroom beyond four walls and a desk and engage with school grounds and natural areas.

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RT @amandagjonker: Another Music Monday intro totally ripped off from tiktok. Thanks @TeachPoirier for inspiring me to find some extra energy to keep my remote learner engaged! ❤️ #SageCreekLRSD #RemoteLearning

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RT @sheila_vick: Thank you @SageCreekPAC and @PerkEvents for the afternoon treats!

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RT @michellessk: Thank you so much @SageCreekPAC for the lovely treats this afternoon 😊 A 'sweet' gesture 🍪 that definitely 'perked' us up ☕️ #SageCreekLRSD

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