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Spirit Week - Oct 2021

October 26, 2021

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At École Sage Creek School, in addition to our focus on the academics, we also put a lot of effort into developing relationships with our students while ensuring they feel safe at school and have a strong sense of belonging.  During these complicated times, we believe it is as important as ever to find ways to engage students in school life, while heightening their sense of Coyote Spirit.  ​With that in mind, the ÉSCS Spirit and Culture Committee organized a "Spirit Week" from October 25th until Friday Oct 29th.  Spirit weeks are a fun and easy way to build some school spirit and, although we encourage everyone to participate, please note that all themes are optional.

  • Monday, October 25:  Rainbow/Color Day:  Students and staff from different wings will dress in different colors.   Please note the following list that includes the wing name, the color students and staff will wear, as well as the list of classroom teachers in each of the wings:
    • Kindergarten Wing – Will wear RED (Classroom teachers include:  Mrs. Levenick, Mme Randi, Ms. Crymble, Mme Goodspeed and Mme Meg)
    • Wood Lily Wing (1st Floor North Wing) Will wear ORANGE (Classroom teachers include:  Mrs. Grabowski, Ms. Rempel, Mrs. Didyk, Ms. Jonker, Ms. Girling, Mrs. Krahn)
    • Prairie Sage Wing (1st Floor West Wing) Will wear YELLOW (Classroom teachers include:  Mme. Klowak, Mme. Celine, Mme. Makaela, Mme. Caelin, Mme. Annick)
    • Gym/Industrial Arts Wing: Will wear PURPLE/VIOLET (Classroom teachers include:  Mme. Michelle, Mme. Bernice, & Mme. Alixe)
    • Paper Birch (2nd Floor North Wing): Will wear GREEN (Classroom teachers include:  Mrs. Lagimodiere, Mme. Daley, Mrs. Sobkowich, Mme. Philippot, Mrs. Rheault, Mrs. Farrell)
    • Dogwood Wing (2nd Floor West Wing) Will wear BLUE (Classroom teachers include:  Mme. Sarah, Mme. Rajotte, Mme. Danica, Mme. Chaput, Mme. Boudreau, Mme. Dando, Mme. Mangin)
  • Tuesday, October 26: Pyjama and Stuffed Animal Day
  • Wednesday, October 27: Sports day (wear a team jersey, t-shirt, hat, etc….)
  • Thursday, October 28 – Coyote Wear or School Colors Day (Navy Blue and/or Yellow)
  • Friday, October 29 - Halloween costumes OR black and orange.  See below for more information related to costume expectations.

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RT @Didyk102: Happy Mother’s Day to the caregivers in the Super Kids lives. After learning about the artist Monet and reading Katie’s Waterlilies, the class created their own art inspired by Monet. #SageCreekLRSD

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RT @SageCreekPAC: We were so thankful that the weather cooperated for our staff appreciation event today! Thank you to PERK Coffee Bar for coming to treat all the staff during their hard-working PD Day 🎉 #SageCreekLRSD #ESCSgenerosity

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RT @laurarheault11: Teach Me Friday round one. Presenting snakes, ukuleles, various versions of the paper popper. Amazing presentations to an enthusiastic , supportive audience. Building our speaking skills. Way to go presenters!❤️#SageCreekLRSD

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