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Site visit with Trustees on Dec 14

May 10, 2017

​Today, many of the LRSD Trustees alongside Superintendent Duane Brothers, Assistant Superintendent Christian Michalik, Assistant Superintendent Lisa Aitken, Secretary Treasurer Brad Fulton, Charles Robert from our Maintenance Department as well as architects from Number 10, were treated to a tour of the worksite at our amazing school.  Everyone was impressed with the progress that continues to occur in our beautiful facility.  Some of the many highlights mentioned by the Trustees were the open spaces in the neighbourhood and learning commons, the flexible spaces with large sliding or garage doors (as shown in some of the pictures below), the amount of natural light coming through the many windows, etc...  We were very impressed with the amount of tradespeople working hard to ensure that it will be ready in May, months before our official opening in September.  See below for some pictures taken during the tour.




Safety first!  Visitors are getting a safety orientation before the visit. 




View of the main entrance (near the orange tarp) with the gymnasium on the left and the office area on the right.




Some of the classrooms are already getting their first coat of paint.



04-Neib Commons.jpg

A view of the Neighborhood Commons on the first floor in the North wing.  In each of the Grade 1-8 wings (called neighborhoods), instead of having a narrow hallway between classes, one can see a larger/wider "shared area" called a "Neighbourhood Commons".  These "Neighbourhood Commons" are collaborative areas where students and teachers from multiple classes will meet to learn and work together. 



05-Neib commons.jpg

This is a picture of the second floor West Neighborhood Commons.  All Grade 1-8 classes are accessed by a "normal" door facing their Neighborhood commons.  Additionally, one of the classrooms in each neighborhood will also have a large sliding door opening up into it's "Neighbourhood Commons" creating an even more flexible area.



06 attached to the Art room.jpg

The picture shows a "garage door opening" separating this classroom from the Art room.  Depending on what students are doing in the classroom or Art room, the door can be opened to ensure flexible use of the spaces.





10 Learning Common.jpg

This picture is taken from the Main Floor Learning Commons, looking up to the Second Floor Learning Commons.  (The wall of windows is to the right of this picture.)



11 Gym.jpg

This picture shows that even our gymnasium has large windows letting in natural light; something that is rare in most gymnasiums!



13 Gym from Band room.jpg

This picture of the gymnasium is taken from the stage, that actually doubles as the band room.  A large moveable wall separates the gym from the band room to allow separate classes to occur at the same time.  When it is time to present concerts, etc... the wall opens up to allow for band room to double as the gymnasium stage!



14 Makerspace.jpg

This picture is taken in the South Wing (in the same wing as the gymnasium) where our Makerspace will be housed.  In addition to Home Economics and Industrial Arts, classes from various grade levels will be able to access the Makerspace to develop their creative side. During warmer days, students will be able to work on their projects outside, in a controlled area, when the large garage door is open.  You could look forward to receiving more information related to our Makerspace and the importance of nurturing and developing our students creativity.


This will be the last construction update before the winter holidays.  I'd like to wish you a restful, fun and safe winter break.  I look forward to continuing to share updates with you in the new year!

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