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École Sage Creek School Staff

July 4, 2017

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I believe that the single most important ​variable in making a school great, is the staff. As I've shared before, they will be the ones working directly with your children, answering their academic needs while also focusing on their social and emotional needs.  We have taken the hiring step very seriously as we understand the importance of their jobs; developing a variety of skills within your children, including:

  • literacy and numeracy,
  • communication,
  • collaboration,
  • problem solving,
  • curiosity,
  • citizenship,
  • creativity,
  • critical thinking,
  • innovation,
  • etc…

Harry and I have been incredibly lucky to meet so many great candidates (there were more great candidates than there were positions), and we were lucky to be able to hire people who will work together as a team, collaborating with their colleagues on each part of their very important job.  They will engage your children in their learning by being innovative and creative; this means doing things in the best way possible not doing things in "the way they've always been done".   Our teachers focus will be to ensure the best educational outcomes possible for a child learning in the 21st century.  We take this very seriously as we know the direct link between quality teachers and student success, engagement and growth.  We look forward to the unbelievable potential that could be unleashed within your children, with the selection of the best teachers! 

I am now very happy to share the amazing people who will be working in our school.


 Marni C.jpg

Kindergarten (English) - Marni Crymble


 Randi M.JPG

Kindergarten (Immersion) - Randi MacLean


Meagan C SMALLER.jpg

Kindergarten (Immersion) - Mme Meg


 Evelyn K.JPG

Grade 1 (English) - Evelyn Krahn


 Caelin Philippot.JPG

Grade 1 (Immersion) - Caelin Philippot


 Nadine K.JPG

Grade 1 (Immersion) - Nadine Klowak


 Michelle D.JPG

Grade 1&2 (English) - Michelle Didyk


 Stacey G.JPG

Grade 1&2 (English) - Stacey Grabowski


 Annick R.JPG

Grade 1&2 (Immersion) - Annick Rauch


 Lisa B-R.JPG

Grade 2&3 (English) - Lisa Bunkowski-Russell


 Tara L.JPG

Grade 2&3 (English) - Tara Lagimodiere


 Jacqueline Philippot.JPG

Grade 2&3 (Immersion) - Jacqueline Philippot


 Nycol D.JPG

Grade 2&3 (Immersion) - Nycol Didcote


 Laura R.JPG

Grade 3&4 (English) - Laura Rheault


 Lesley G.JPG

Grade 3&4 (English) - Lesley Girling


 Kirsten M.JPG

Grade 3&4 (Immersion) -  Kirsten Mangin


 Danielle B.JPG

Grade 3&4 (Immersion) - Danielle Boudreau


 Jenna F.JPG

Grade 4&5 (English) - Jenna Farrell


 Danielle Brodeur.jpg

Grade 4&5 (English) - Danielle Brodeur


 Colleen C.JPG


 Bailey E.JPG


 Lawrence C.JPG


 Bromlei D.JPG


 Jennifer Herdman.JPG


 Kellie H.JPG


 Alyssa R.JPG


 Daryl F.JPG


 Neil C.JPG



 Kathy G.JPG


 Geneviève S.JPG


 Rachelle Tetrault.JPG


 Sharman O.JPG


 Jennifer Hastings.JPG




 Meagan C.JPG


 Nicole C.JPG


 Stephanie Gogal smaller.jpg




Shane Barron.jpg


Lorraine Dulder.jpg

Human Ecology - Lorraine Dulder


Matt Colpitts.jpg

Makerstudio - Matthew Colpitts


Dianne O - Smaller.jpg

Before and After School Program Coordinator - Dianne Oliveira





Secretary - Caryn Larsen 


(Therese H (smaller).jpg

Secretary - Thérèse Houston





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RT @AnnickRauch: New post shining a bright light on one of my incredible students with the biggest, kindest heart! Read about how she led a drive for the homeless. 💙 Never Too Young to Lead 💙 #SageCreekLRSD #ESCSgenerosity #tlap #leadlap #Passionforkindness #buildhopeEDU

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RT @JennaLFarrell: The 3/4 team put together a fun outdoor morning for the students. It included the Gaga pit, pickle ball and many other great activities! #SageCreekLRSD

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RT @lagimodieret: Grade 3/4 Field Day was lots of fun today! #sagecreekLRSD

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