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Who We Are

In September, 2019, École Sage Creek School will be a Kindergarten - Grade 6 dual track (French Immersion and English programs) school serving the students in Sage Creek, Winnipeg.

Our Mission and vision

Throughout our first two years as a school, staff discussed many possibilities for the vision and mission and a next step was achieved by articulating in writing some of the beliefs that are common to the staff as a whole.   The following ideas will inform further discussion and provide a direction or “north star” for this process.

We believe that École Sage Creek School: 

  • Represents a community of life-long learners who honour and promote risk-taking, collaboration and citizenship as integral parts of growing and learning together; 
  • Nurtures strengths and passions in a safe and supportive environment; 
  • Represents a vibrant community where learning is authentic and relies on building relationships and focusing on a growth mindset; 
  • Champions diversity and belonging – always promoting a healthy, positive and inclusive environment.  

Common Word to Describe our ideal school and community:
Empowering, sustainable, 21st century-focused, compassionate, empathetic, risk-taking-based, solution-focused, resilient, innovative, collaborative, inclusive, flexible, forward-thinking, purposeful, diverse, culturally and socially sensitive. 

École Sage Creek School By The Numbers

Grades: K–6

Number of Students: 700


Principal: Marc Poirier

Vice-Principal: Meagan Vankoughnett

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RT @zeta_zhu: Big thanks to all ESCS teachers! You are all amazing💐💐💐 #SageCreekLRSD #ESCSbelonging

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