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Who We Are

École Sage Creek School is a dual track school (Kindergarten - Grade 4 for the English program and Kindergarten - Grade 6 for the French Immersion program) serving the students in Sage Creek, Winnipeg.

Our Mission

École Sage Creek School is a community of life-long learners who honour and promote risk- taking, collaboration, innovation and citizenship as integral parts of learning together. This vibrant community nurtures strengths, passions, diversity and belonging in a safe and authentic learning environment while promoting relationships and a growth mindset in a healthy, positive and inclusive environment. 

By championing our mission statement, we will maintain a learning environment where students feel safe, secure, valued, appreciated and successful.

Understanding School Today

Our goal is to be innovative in our teaching to develop 21st century skills for all of our learners. We aim to consistently do what is best for our students, which doesn’t necessarily mean that everything looks the same as when “we” went to school. Much has been learned about how students best learn, and we take advantage of the best teaching and learning strategies that benefit our students’ learning and growth.  If parents have questions about certain approaches that differ from what you experienced as a student, please talk to your child’s teacher or the administration.  One example is that, instead of “just memorizing” things that could be looked up, we focus on ensuring that students have an understanding of concepts and explore them in various ways to ensure deeper learning.

Common words to describe our ideal school and community

Empowering, sustainable, 21st century-focused, compassionate, empathetic, risk-taking-based, solution-focused, resilient, innovative, collaborative, inclusive, flexible, forward-thinking, purposeful, diverse, culturally and socially sensitive. 

École Sage Creek School By The Numbers

Grades: K–6

Number of Students: 774


Principal: Marc Poirier

Vice-Principal: Megan Vankoughnett

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RT @Didyk102: Happy Mother’s Day to the caregivers in the Super Kids lives. After learning about the artist Monet and reading Katie’s Waterlilies, the class created their own art inspired by Monet. #SageCreekLRSD

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RT @SageCreekPAC: We were so thankful that the weather cooperated for our staff appreciation event today! Thank you to PERK Coffee Bar for coming to treat all the staff during their hard-working PD Day 🎉 #SageCreekLRSD #ESCSgenerosity

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RT @laurarheault11: Teach Me Friday round one. Presenting snakes, ukuleles, various versions of the paper popper. Amazing presentations to an enthusiastic , supportive audience. Building our speaking skills. Way to go presenters!❤️#SageCreekLRSD

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