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Preventing Racism at ÉP by Focusing on Mastery

March 23, 2021

53.jpgAt École Provencher, we have the good fortune of working with Auntie Brenda, a member of LRSD's Indigenous Education Team, on a daily basis. Systemic racism is a serious issue in our province and it's paramount that we educate our students about the importance of accepting everyone's differences. The earlier we can begin this teaching to our children, the more we can reduce racism in our society. We are incorporating the Circle of Courage into our conversations more frequently to help us resolve daily issues, and deciding if each situation falls under the category of Belonging, Independence, Mastery or Generosity to help us find a solution. Auntie Brenda is teaching Ojibwe lessons to our Kindergarten and Grade 1 students, which the students have really enjoyed:


'I like that Auntie Brenda comes to our class. I learn new things and new words that I didn't know. We made a tipi and learned about cutting off bark.' -Austin, Grade 1


'I like that we get to learn how to speak Ojibwe. We make books and crafts. We hear Ojibwe stories about different animals.' -Fiona, Grade 1


'Every time when we greet each other, we say Boozhoo. We talked about clothing and how they actually used the skin from animals to make boots. We learn Ojibwe songs in Music class sometimes. Ojibwe is very fun to learn.' -Alex, Grade 1


'My favourite part is doing crafts with Auntie Brenda. It's very relaxing. She teaches us how to say new words in Ojibwe, like Boy and Girl. It's good to learn new languages because we can understand what a person is trying to say if they're speaking different languages. I love Auntie Brenda'. -Athena, Grade 1


The Mastery quadrant reminds us how we can become more knowledgeable about something through proper teaching and practice. Auntie Brenda teaches such important lessons and messages when she shares her stories and activities with our young students. Miigwech, Auntie Brenda.













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RT @louis_riel_sd: Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccination for 5 to 11 year olds? Doctors Manitoba is hosting a Pediatric COVID-19 Town Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 7 p.m. featuring an expert medical panel. Register and submit your questions at

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Bus 50 arrived 25 mins late and is now loaded and students are in their way.

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Number sense in Mme Hynes’ Grade 2 Math class this morning. Students were sent on an in-class scavenger hunt to discover the hidden colour-coded image on their page. What a fun way to practice understanding ‘les dizaines et les unités’!

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