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Grade Nine Students Make their first trip to the Forks

September 26, 2016

Our Grade Nine students spent the afternoon of September 13 activating their thinking for their first project:  “Hidden Gems at The Forks”.  They explored The Forks through a clue-based scavenger hunt, looking for both well-known features of The Forks and those that that are less well-known. 

To record their journey and capture their learning, the students tested out their photographic skills.  Soon this preliminary look at The Forks will lead the students to create video blogs based on interviews and research that they conduct. 

 Click on the link below to hear CBC Radio's feature on the project
Grade Nine students talk with CBC Radio.mp3

 At the Forks 2.jpg

At the Forks 4.jpg

At the Forks 3.jpg

At the Forks 5.jpgAt the Forks 6.jpg



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RT @brandylynnecook: Some impressive masks created by the grade 9s that represent themselves and their element twin. @nmcLRSD

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The Kahoot! challenge winners this week is Propel! Clearly, it was a Ka-critically important and Ka-fun competition!

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RT @PBLWorks: Looking to scaffold thinking in Project Based Learning? Download this document for routines! #visiblethinking #PBL #criticalthinking

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