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Finding Waldo

May 18, 2021

​With current restrictions in place due to the pandemic and many hiking trails around the city closed because of dry conditions, our students and families are limited to what they can do to remain active. M. Patenaude and Mme Jenna decided to create an activity that is both entertaining and gets participants moving.

In comes the hunt for 'Waldo'! Throughout the community, our Physical Education team put up 'Where's Waldo' posters (see map). The idea is to walk, run, bike, rollerblade, roller skate, skateboard or cruise up on a scooter to each Waldo site (see example of poster). When there, students and family members must do the required physical activity indicated on the poster and then indicate the exercice completed beside the appropriate number on the activity form (see form). Once students have found all 20 Waldo posters and have completed the form, they can enter the form into their Physical Education Activity Journal. 

We will be posting photos of students and families who take part in this challenge on our Twitter account, so if you are participating, please let us know! Who will beat Mme Meyer and Mme Maynard in completing the challenge?

Waldo scavenger hunt map.pdf

Waldo scavenger hunt poster.pdf

Waldo scavenger hunt form.pdf

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Happy Holidays!!! Relax & enjoy the next few weeks! We’ll see you in September @mcdowellLRSD

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It was great to see so many families along the way!

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For Historical Figure Day @mcdowellLRSD, Frida Kahlo made an appearance!

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