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School Plan 2019-2020

January 30, 2020

École Howden takes pride in its programming to meet students’ diverse needs. Our school planning process is guided by the Louis Riel School Division’s Multi-Year Strategic Planning. The four strategic priorities parallel the quadrants of the Circle of Courage, an Indigenous inspired whole-learner framework for a holistic journey that incorporates concepts of Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity.

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Independence: Creating a Culture of Inquiry and Responsibility

  • Implementing assistive technology supports for students with academic challenges in reading and writing.
  • Increasing the environmental awareness of our students for recycling in our school
  • Enhancing critical thinking skills through the Optimal Learning Method in daily writing

Generosity: Creating a Culture of Caring and Collaboration

  • Staff and students will increase their awareness and deepen their understanding of Indigenous perspectives (past, present and future) with support from the LRSD's Indigenous Education Support Team and MTS Teacher-Led Team:
    • Treaty #1 acknowledgement in daily announcements
    • Professional development:
      • Blanket exercise
      • Exploring Treaty Education
        •  Portal through the Indigenous Education LRSD web page
      • Reconciliation PD
  • Develop our citizenship, compassion and cultural conscience regarding the environment
    • Create an environment committee to review our recycling practices
    • Earth Day celebration

Mastery: Creating a Culture of Learning and Well Becoming

  • Introducing the literacy pilot project in Grade 1:
    • Learning the sounds and their rules to read and spell words by using a multi-sensory approach
    • Repeat all evaluations for K-1 students while adding fine motor evaluation this year
    • Analyze all data with school psychologist, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, Student Services teachers, literacy teacher and school administration
    • Develop French resources to support all students in this initiative
  • Supporting our student's well-being and well becoming:
    • Application of common strategies: mindfulness, zones of regulation, Big Brain/Little Brain, conflict resolution wheel 

Belonging: Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion

  • Enhancing and developing our understanding of Indigenous perspectives
  • Creating opportunities to network with community members
  • Enhancing student's school pride
    • Howden wear on Fridays, visibility of our mascot Kinta
  • School playground renewal project (PAC)

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RT @louis_riel_sd: The Louis Riel School Division's Draft Budget Town Hall Live Event & Public Consultation is happening next month! Register today so you don't miss this virtual deep dive into LRSD's finances for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year:

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Mme Olson’s Grade 1 class reminds us that we all need to dress warmly as it is cold outside. Tomorrow we will have much nicer weather! @HowdenPAC @MmeOlson5

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