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League of Legends

May 12, 2021

Glenlawn did AWESOME in the finals  and brought home the win for the B-side of the League of Legends MHSeA Spring Invitational.

It was an intense best of 3 series for the finals. Glenlawn lost the first match, but I can honestly say it was a tech problem that brought it on.

After dealing with the struggle of a loosing game, Glenlawn bounced back into action in the second game of the series. Leo stole the first blood to push ahead of JGB. However, the skills of JHB and the unfortunate draft select for bottom lane started causing troubles for Glenlawn, and started to fall behind.

Mindy in mid lane was vicious, dodging attacks and countering every move of the JHB player flawlessly, helping close the gap. Near mid game, Yu-Ming planned his jungle route to be exactly at the right place at EXACTLY the right time. Ganking and causing major disruptions to JHB's plan. JHB tried to retaliate, but was shut down by Patrick and Anson in the bottom lane! This caused the win to point in our favour, and ended the game shortly after.

During the final games, emotions were running on high! The Glenlawn team was nervous, and ready to play the best they have ever played. As the game started, Glenlawn was able to draft almost all of their main champs, making the team's confidence grow exponentially. Right from the beginning Glenlawn controlled the map. Yu-ming, consistently made plays everywhere on the map to pull Glenlawn ahead in the early game. This led Glenlawn to snowball to Victory.

Congratulations for the Glenlawn to be the B-Side Camps of the League of Legends MHSeA Spring Invitational!

Congratulations to Yu-Ming who was named the MVP of the series!

Here is the link for the live stream:

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No school tomorrow! MTS PD day! #wearebettertogether

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RT @Glenlawn_SC: The Manitoba High School eSports Association Rocket League season will begin Nov 3rd and continues until Dec 15th. Matches will be played Wednesdays at 4:30pm and teams will compete from the school. If you want to join see Mr. MacDonald via TEAMS or in person in the metal shop.

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RT @Glenlawn_SC: The NEEDS Centre Job Program is starting up again. If you are a permanent resident and are interested in after school job training. Come see Mr. Conrad for more information. #lions #wearebettertogether

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