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September 12, 2020

Frequently asked Questions

Initial announcement regarding Phase/Step One can be found here

  1. At GCI grade cohorts are being used to limit the amount of contacts a student has. How are these organized?
    • Grades have been divided into two groups and will have an opposite rotation to ensure 2m distance in classes and to limit contact. The grades will not be within 4 meters of each other except during transitions in the halls and masks will be worn during these transitions.
  2. Why did GCI decide to go with the Group 1/Group 2 system as opposed to 2 full grades each day and then a day off?
    • This was done to ensure students were in school every day to maintain a routine of doing schoolwork either at home or in class. This also lowers the class size so the teacher will remain in only one room with the students they have that day in class.
  3. What does my student do during their spare?
    • As students are only coming in either a morning or an afternoon, we ask that they do not come to the school, or that they leave the school if they have A, C, D or E spare. If a student has B spare or has a lunch class and needs to stay, they will be directed to a designated location in the school will be required to keep to in school protocols. The library is the first choice for this.
  4. Are lunch classes still running?
    • The only classes running at lunch are Grade 11 and 12 Jazz Guitar and Cyber Defense. These classes are part of the afternoon rotation by group number.
  5. Have some classes been cancelled or postponed for the 2020/2021 school year?
    • Yes. We are not running Choir, Musical Theatre, Wind Ensemble, and some designated EAL classes. We are also postponing Yearbook until the end of our Step/Phase 1 (End of October)
  6. What other changes are there to the courses offered?
    • Concert and Jazz bands are only in one semester not yearlong. This is to avoid the alternating days you would have band. We also changed some teaching assignments around so we can limit the amount of staff coming into contact with grade groupings/cohorts.
        • Concert Band 1st semester
        • Jazz Band 2nd semester
        • Grade 11/12 Jazz Guitar 1st semester
        • Grade9/10 Jazz Guitar 2nd semester
  7. What is Student Advocate Day?       
    • You can find information here. The first meeting that students have with their advocate is either on Tuesday Sept. 8th (Grade 11 and 12 only) or Wednesday, Sept. 9th (Grade 9 and 10 only) Students will be sent an appointment time by their advocate by September 4th. This time is used to connect with their advocates and pay their school fees ($80) as well as go through any questions or concerns they may have about the upcoming year.  This meeting is for students only. 
    • This day is mandatory, and we ask students to wear their masks in the halls and when they cannot maintain 2-meter distancing.
  8. Does my student need school supplies?
    • All students require a binder, paper, writing utensils and a laptop.  Teachers will provide additional course-specific supply information during the first few classes.  The school fee for the year is $80.00. Please send this payment with your student on Sept. 8th or 9th and have them give it to their advocate.
  9. Where do I find information about a laptop for my student?
    • To continue our journey into personalizing the educational experience for our students, we require each student to bring their own device (laptop). Please click here to find essential information about the purchase and set up of the device.
  10. Will students be able to use lockers?
    • Not currently, other than extenuating circumstances. This will be reevaluated to possibly begin in the beginning of November.
  11. Are masks mandatory on school property?
    • They will be mandatory when students cannot maintain the 2-meter social distance. This includes being in common spaces like hallways when they or their teacher needs to be closer than 2 meters to show help in their learning and when riding the transit or LRSD bus. When they are seated in the classrooms 2 meters apart masks do not need to be worn.
  12. Where does my student enter the building?
    • Students should enter the building at the door closet to their first class. Please walk around the outside of the building to do this to avoid walking through the school unnecessarily. Once they enter they must use hand sanitizer which will be at each entry.
  13. Do parents have to self-screen their students each day?
    • Yes using the screening tool, this is the only way we can work together to keep the school environment safe. If a student shows any symptoms, they parents/guardians will be called and the student will need to leave the building.
  14. Where do I find continued information as it relates to LRSD and GCI?
    • Please see the newly created LRSD Parent Website. As well as coming back to this location as new questions and answers will be posted. School Announcements will also be coming out regularly by email (please ensure you are receiving them -  may need to check your spam/junk inbox)
  15. Is learning at home full time an option?
    • Yes, it is. If you have a medically compromised situation within your household, please contact the school and we will set this up. This at home learning will not start until after September 18th as we need to ensure we have the right number of students and staff to accommodate match courses needed for graduation requirements.
  16. Will there be staff to help out in the hallways to ensure students are following the protocols?
    • Yes, we will have staff helping out in movement throughout the school and while getting on and off busses.
  17. Can parents enter the school?
    • If you need to enter the school come to the office immediately upon entry to sign in. We would prefer that you meet your students outside the building but if necessary you can enter after taking the screening tool and following protocols on the door.
  18. How long will Step one last for LRSD high schools?
    • This will last until the end of October at minimum and will be reassessed at that time. Any changes to this plan will be communicated via email.
  19. What is the expectation of students when they are home for a portion  the courses they are in at GCI?
    • On the days that students are not attending class at GCI they will be expected to do independent learning that teachers have assigned. There is no online class for them to attend at this time as the teacher is teaching then other half of the class at school.

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RT @louis_riel_sd: A group of Glenlawn Collegiate students are raking up responsibility by helping out their community: #LRSDGoodNews

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Just a reminder to stay safe after school. Follow the same protocols - 2 meters, masks, frequent hand washing and no groups larger than 5. With Halloween weekend approaching please make sure you are safe! Always!#wearebettertogether #forthepride

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Physical Education class showing a little generosity this morning. #generosity #community #neighborhood #wearebettertogether

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