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Attendance Line

(204) 233-3263

To report a student absence or if you have questions in regards to attendance, please call our attendance line at (204) 233-3263.

Please note that Glenlawn will accept email notice for student absences. Please email

If you have received calls from Glenlawn in regards to absences, please refer to the following class codes:

​Regular Day​Wednesday​Early Dismissal
​Period 1​7:15- 8:30 Early Bird​7:15- 8:30 Early Bird​​7:15- 8:30 Early Bird
​​Period 2​8:30- 9:45 A Slot9:45- 10:45 A Slot​​8:30- 9:30 A Slot
​​Period 3​9:45-11:00 B Slot​10:45- 11:45 B Slot​​9:30- 10:30 B Slot
​​Period 4​11:00- 12:15 C Slot​11:45- 12:45 C Slot​​10:30- 11:30 C Slot
​​Period 5​12:15- 1:15 Lunch​12:45- 1:45 Lunch​11:30- 12:30 Lunch
​​Period 6​1:15- 2:30 D Slot​1:45- 2:45 D Slot​​12:30- 1:30 D Slot
​​Period 7​2:30-3:45 E Slot​2:45- 3:45 E Slot​​1:30- 2:30 E Slot
​​Period 8​3:45- 5:00 After School​3:45- 5:00 After School​3:45- 5:00 After School

Wednesday's late start for students is due to the professional development that all teachers undertake during this time. From 8:30am-9:45am on Wednesdays all teachers are collaborating with colleagues in order to improve and enhance their instructional practices.

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The cast and crew of Shrek being honoured for their amazing work this past school year @rainbowstage tonight. #$100…

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St vital was well represented. See some @gciLRSD kids there as well. #wearebettertogether #lrsdstrong

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