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Sport Hijabs Burst onto the Athletic Scene at DCI

November 9, 2017

Thanks to the vision of Amina Mohamed (class of 2016) and her sister Nusaybah, the students at Dakota Collegiate now have a new innovative addition to their uniforms, a sport hijab, complete with the Lancer logo. 

Sports.jpgThe idea stemmed from the concern from a local basketball referee who questioned Amina about the safety of her hijab as it was secured with a pin.  The idea of not wearing her hijab during sports was not a consideration for Amina and this prompted her to discuss ideas with her sister, coaches and principal.  The priority was for all athletes to be comfortable when they participate at sport and to find ways to encourage young Muslim athletes to participate.  According to the Amina and Nusaybah's coaches, there are over fifty athletes at DCI who wear some form of religious headwear.  The importance of the availability of sport-focused headwear is a step towards promoting more inclusion and diversity in our teams at all levels, from elementary to high school and hopefully the professional level.  Dakota Collegiate is the second school in Canada to provide the sport inspired hijab and the first with a customized logo.

It took some searching but with the help of Principal Jill Mathez, the girls found a company to make the specialized hijab, in Dakota's black and gold.  They dream it will bring out more Muslim women to play sports and ultimately, get the most out of their school experience.  Enthusiastically, Amina and Nusaybah have been interviewed by several members of the media in recent days, but what is most exciting is that they are also being invited out to educational institutions like the University of Manitoba to share the importance of what they have accomplished at DCI and encourage other schools, teams, and coaches to see the significance this simple initiative.  Fantastic passion and commitment to their school and community, Amina and Nusaybah are the epitome of Lancers for Life!


Photo Credit: CBC Winnipeg

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Good luck to Mrs. @shekhawatparul husband who is climbing Everest in support of St. Amant!

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What a beautiful day to play outside!

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Good luck to Mrs. Shekhawat’s husband who is climbing Mount Everest in support of St Amant! St.Amant teacher ready for Everest - Winnipeg Free Press

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