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Code of Conduct

We have three whole school beliefs developed by the staff and reinforced with students weekly.

Wyatt School is about Respect, Safety, and Learning.

Respect: We are respectful.

Safety: We are emotionally and physically safe.

Learning: We are here to do our best.

Each year, students develop their classroom “social contracts” which outline the beliefs that govern daily expectations in the classroom. Usually all students in the class will sign the annual contract. As we use the Restitution model of behaviour management in the school, these beliefs are the touchstones for our conversations with students and parents.

We believe that students can learn to manage their own behaviour. All of us make mistakes, and mistakes provide an opportunity to learn. Staff members will offer guidance as students learn to meet their own needs in appropriate ways. Where possible, students will be encouraged to fix their mistakes or do a “restitution” in order to be strengthened from the experience, and to become the person that they would like to be.

Staff members meet regularly to discuss strategies to help students meet their needs and to develop plans.

Most issues are handled by classroom teachers or playground supervisors, but occasionally students may be sent to the office for crossing “Bottom Lines.” Our Bottom Lines are:

  • Harassment

  • Intentional physical hurt

  • Direct defiance of an adult

  • Weapons

  • Drugs

Administration is involved in discussing these issues with students and parents. In most cases consequences will take place, ranging from loss of privileges, such as recess, and time-outs from class to suspension from class or school in more serious cases. This depends on the age of the student, severity of the offense, and prior incidents. It is the responsibility of parents to provide student supervision for out-of-school suspensions, and to meet with staff members for re-entry to the school. The school will provide homework in this case. All suspensions are documented in the student’s cumulative file, and out-of-school suspensions reported to the Superintendent of Schools.

We appreciate the support of parents in resolving student discipline issues in ways that are in the best interests of everyone in the school community.

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Winnipeg became a winter wonderland overnight ❄ With chillier temperatures on the horizon and students spending more time outside than ever, it's important to dress appropriately ⛄ Here are some tips on how to dress for the weather in every season:

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The Wyatt Community Weekly Wire - Issue 5 has been published.

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RT @louis_riel_sd: Substitutes wanted! The Louis Riel School Division is accepting applications for substitute teachers, educational assistants, clerical and library assistants. Positions are available in English and French. Apply today:

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