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RT @louis_riel_sd: ✈Can my child attend school after returning home from travel❓ 🤒What should I do if my child is sick❓ 🏠When does my household need to self-isolate❓ Stay up-to-date with current guidelines by checking out our COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Resources page:

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RT @louis_riel_sd: LRSD COMMUNITY: You've got mail! ✉ Today, we sent out all three of our regularly scheduled newsletters to staff and parents/guardians with important information and updates. Look for an email from

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RT @WPC_LLC: #BookTalkTuesday this week spotlights Kate in Waiting by @beckyalbertalli. When a shared crush chooses one of them, Kate and Anderson’s friendship is put to the test. A test neither was prepared for and one that might just be impossible to pass. #RoyalReaders @wpcLRSD

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