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​​​Although there are no compulsory courses in Science in Grade 11 and 12, students are encouraged to consider such courses as Chemistry, Biology and/or Physics.​​ After you graduate, you may wish to go to university, college, or become an apprentice etc. Some programs that you may want to take have prerequisites. If you have not taken these particular credits in high school they will not let you into the program. 

​This means that some of the science courses that are chosen, or not, in grade 11 may have an affect on whether or not a student can take the program that they want after they graduate.

Grade 9​​ Course Descriptions

Science 10​F (1 credit)​

Grade 9 students develop an awareness of the interrelationship of science, technology, society and the environment (STSE) through the processes of scientific inquiry, technological problem solving, and decision making. STSE skills and attitudes are developed within student learning outcomes. There is a component of scientific measurement incorporated in all clusters.


  • Reproduction:  Learning about cells and genetics
  • ​Atoms and Elements:  Introduction to the periodic table and atomic structure
  • Nature of Electricity:  Defining types of electricity and how circuits work
  • Exploring the Universe:  Components of the universe and how it changes over time.​

​​Grade 10 Course Descriptions

Science 20F (1 credit)

Prerequisite: Science 10F

Science 20F is a required course which prepares the student for further study in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The course is broken down into four Units. 

  • Chemistry in Action - prepares the student for the essentials needed to continue study in the science of Chemistry. Naming of compounds, balancing and classifying reactions are the main topics. 
  • Dynamics of Ecosystems – Prepares the student for the science of Biology. The unit deals with the chemical and biological cycles in nature. 
  • In Motion – Prepares the student for the science of Physics. This unit focuses on the calculation of motion; specifically displacement, velocity, acceleration and forces experienced in types of motion. 
  • Weather Dynamics – A unit that focuses on climate and creation of severe weather phenomenon.

Equipment/Personal Supplies: Students will be required to have a scientific calculator.​

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RT @MrsFedoruk: Math IS Fun! @wpcLRSD “Connect 4” multiplication style!

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That’s one full week together, how did it go Royals? Check in with your Advocates to let them know how you are! Royal Wear on sale, Athletics begin, Bistro food available…it’s going to be ok! #we_are_royal

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RT @Mrs_Hodgert: Exploring the political spectrum in our class this morning. It turned out the parties we identified with were often not the ones most aligned with our ideals. Bulletin board made for students by students (my favourite kind).

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