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Reading Is Thinking

​​​​Grade 9 Course Descriptions​

Reading Is Thinking 10S (1 credit)​

The Reading Is Thinking course is constructed around four blocks of study: Math, Science, Social Studies and Digital Citizenship. Each block develops the necessary attitudes, knowledge, skills and strategies students need to be successful in their learning across the high school curriculum. Reading Is Thinking supports what research suggests is critical for adolescents to thrive as confident, engaged and proficient lifelong readers and learners. ​

​Grade 10 Course Descriptions

Reading Is Thin​king 20S (1 credit)

Prerequisite: None

Reading is thinking is a course that will help to increase literacy skills. It is an opportunity for students to receive individual assistance with literacy skills to better equip them to understand coursework in other classes. This course also better prepares students for the world of work where reading skills are essential for success.

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RT @MrsFedoruk: Math IS Fun! @wpcLRSD “Connect 4” multiplication style!

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That’s one full week together, how did it go Royals? Check in with your Advocates to let them know how you are! Royal Wear on sale, Athletics begin, Bistro food available…it’s going to be ok! #we_are_royal

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RT @Mrs_Hodgert: Exploring the political spectrum in our class this morning. It turned out the parties we identified with were often not the ones most aligned with our ideals. Bulletin board made for students by students (my favourite kind).

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